For new Parents of Twins its an absolute necessity to keep a record of which Twin did what, when, for how long especially in the first 3 months when you are inundated with questions from the Paediatrician. A lot of parents like to keep a record of this on their phone as its an easier process that writing it all down. Not to mention we are in the technological age now, so pen and paper was so last century ha ha.


We have tested quite a few baby apps on the 2014 market and have found the below three to be the most user friendly for Multiples, and click here for our  updated Best Baby Apps for Twin Parents 2017!


1. Baby Connect – allows you to record who ate when, oz’s they took, when the last poop was with details (eeekk) and then view this all in a handy chart and graph form

2. Total Baby – is a little less formal, one part timer function, one part baby book, one part photo album, one part calendar. But all components can be color coordinated and view side-side records for each baby

3. Jumelle Twin and Baby Tracker – similar to Baby Connect but includes important areas to note such as fevers, or babies facing ongoing challenges such as teething, constipation etc – this App is fantastic for family members and caretakers such as Nanny’s to use as it notes milestones and is easily exportable to numerous devices


Shannon x

(Mom to identical Twin girls and the USA’s only twin exclusive maternity consultant – Twin Love Concierge)