Being home alone with a baby is a lot of work – diapers, bottles, crying, etc. Now imagine you were home alone with twins… go ahead… pretty crazy, right?

Yes, being home alone with your infant twins is not easy. It challenges you emotionally, physically and mentally. The good news is, there are ways to make your days go smoother (no, I’m not talking about hitting the rosé). Read on for some great tips to help get you through your day, from one twin mom to another.

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Spending the day with infant twins is a roller coaster ride. You will have tons thrown at you that you did not expect. However, one way to make the day easier is to prepare in the morning for what you can expect. For example, if your twins are bottle fed-fill up the bottles for the day and put them in the fridge. If the diaper drawer is running low, stock it. Bathing the babies today? Set out their towels, wash clothes, etc. Prepping will allow for a few moments of calmness during your otherwise chaotic day.

Scheduling Twins

Having your twins on a schedule is an absolute must! You want them eating and sleeping at the same time; otherwise you will never get a break. I recommend you start your twins on a schedule within the first few weeks of them being born. Once they are on a schedule, while they sleep, you will have time to clean up, get dressed and send an email or text to a friend. Dare I suggest you try to take a nap as well? A girl can dream.

Feeding both babies at the same time

I just spoke about the importance of the babies being on the same feeding schedule. Just in case there was any question, it means you need to feed them at the same time, not one after the other. The “double feed” can be done whether you are nursing or bottle feeding. If you are nursing then you will need a double nursing pillow. If you are bottle feeding then you can use anything that props the babies up safely. The “double feed” is a game changer. Congrats mom! You just bought yourself a few minutes of free time.

Bouncy seats

I am a huge fan of a good bouncy seat. It is the perfect way to keep your babies entertained safely while you take care of household activities such as cooking, cleaning and that oh-so-important shower. Is one baby crying? Not a problem. Soothe the crying baby while the other baby sits comfortably and enjoys some bouncy seat time. The seats are light and can be moved easily from room to room so your babies will never be out of your sight.

Two babies in one crib

Twins can share a crib up until approximately three months old with a safe distance apart from each other. If they are early rollers then you will want to separate them before three months. Having your twins in one crib will save you from running from room to room to check on them. It will also save you from washing double sheets because let’s face it – babies are pretty messy.

Go for a walk

Break up the day by getting outside for a walk. It will make you feel like you are part of the world again. The babies will most likely sleep (a huge plus) and you will get a nice change of scenery and some much needed fresh air. Now go throw on your cutest pair of kicks and hit the streets with that double stroller!

Just breathe

Yes, taking care of twins is a lot of work. Take a deep breath. You’re doing great!

About the Author

Jen Genel LMSW, TLC’s Pre & Postpartum New York Associate, is a licensed Social Worker who has spent her career helping children with special needs, as well as providing support to their families.Through her professional experience Jen knows that she can help those who are expecting feel better prepared for the journey, as well as provide support if needed after their babies are born. Jen is also the founder of the blog – it gives the reader a humorous look into her life with her twins. You can reach Jen at for more information on our New York services.