Packing a diaper bag for Twins can be a stressful task! Although the contents vary as they grow and you’ll need less, when they are little you will find needing just about everything but the kitchen sink. I always felt prepared and organised if i had everything I could need vs just packing the necessities. Here are 5 tips to preparing your diaper bag for a day out with the Twins.

Function over Fashion

When having twins, everything becomes about functionality. You care less about how fashion forward a bag is and instead you look on how this bag will add ease, function and keep your life out and about twins, more organized. Look for a bag that does not weigh much to begin with. As you add essentials to it, it will become heavy enough. Make sure your diaper bag has the stroller hooks/straps that can easily attach to your stroller, and give you hands-free maneuverability. Also, its a great a idea to get a bag that you can easily wipe clean and or throw in the washing machine for a clean.


Organization is key when out and about with twins. Every minute counts and the less time you spend on looking in your bag for a quick change or clean up a mess, the smoother your outings will be. Find a bag that has many compartments inside as well as out. This will help with everything having a place and that there is a place for everything when you are in a crunch to look for something quick.

Planning Ahead

The most important lesson I learned with twins as they were younger is that everything takes twice as long. For this reason, plan ahead and accordingly. I always packed my diaper bag the night before regardless if I was going out or not the next day. Things come up and there will be times that you will need to head out quickly and with little notice.

Packing your diaper bag the night before allows you to make sure you have everything and that everything has been replenished. Leaving it ready takes the stress out of having one less thing to worry about while trying to get you and the babies ready to head out the door. Also, pack your bag as if you will be out the entire day with two babies.


Regardless of how organized and stocked up your diaper bag may be, I always suggest having a bag in the car with backup of a few essentials. Diapers, wipes, change of clothes, formula are just to name of few that you can keep in your truck in a bag to access if you run low on your diaper bag stash.


Diapers: I had 10 diapers in total. At some point each wore a different size, so I packed 5 of each

Wipes: My favorite accessory was the Huggies Clutch. It held way more wipes than traditional hard wipe holders. It also has a wrist cord that you can attach and hang on anything for quick access.

Diaper change essentials: For that extra bum clean, I loved the California Baby Diaper Area Wash spray. I always had Desitin or Triple Cream Butt Paste, and a diaper bag dispenser for those soiled diapers.

Clothes Change: I always had 2 extra outfits for each baby at all times. I loved the rompers that are a one piece. Made life easier in tracking clothes. No two piece sets. Include socks too.

Dirty clothes bag: I loved the Itzy Ritzy bags that inside are lined that if clothes were soiled it wouldn’t leak through and you can machine wash as well.

Blankets: I loved the Aiden & Anais Muslin blankets that I could always cover them if it was cold. Or keep in your car.

Bottles: When they were little, I always had 4 bottles

Formula: Always enough for the whole day feeding times and extra in the car, and if you can the powder formula in its formula dispenser will weigh less that liquid one.

Baby Food: When they are already eating solids, the jar food is really heavy, my babies ate the pouch ones that you could attach the spoon at the end and make eating time easier!

Pump: While I was breastfeeding I had hand pump in a Ziplock either in the car or in the diaper bag in case I needed to express at any point.

Nursing cover: My Hooter Hider lived in my diaper bag. I had two for when I had to take out and wash I could always put the other back in.

Burp cloths: 2 burp cloths for any spit up that would occur.

Pacifiers: I always had 4 extra pacifiers with pacifier holders for both babies.

Disinfecting wipes: You don’t know where you’ll go that you’ll need to sanitize a surface, so antibacterial Wet Ones are a must.

Placemats: I loved the disposable placemats that I could stick on any table and have them eat right off it without worrying that they were eating off the table.

Bibs: Once eating solids, I carried disposable bibs that if they got dirty I could just throw away.
Sippy Cups: 2 disposable sippy cups that if they got lost it wasn’t a big deal.

Utensils: The Take & Toss little spoons and forks were great. Again if they got lost, no big deal.

Snacks: When they were teething, I always had Mum Mums and the Puffs that I could entertain them for a little while with their Snack Traps of course!

First Aid Kit: Since I also had an older daughter, I always carried a miniature kit with a couple of bands and alcohol wipes for any little cut or accident.

About the Author: Joanna Navarrete, TLC’s Florida Pre & Postpartum Associate and mother to three beautiful children – one girl and a set of fraternal boy/girl twins. Born in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, has lived in Miami for more than 17 years and is bilingual English/Spanish and CPR certified. Joanna is experienced in both retail maternity and baby gear and has featured on the infamous UnNuevo Dia con Adamari Lopez as their resident ‘twin expert’. 

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