Lets be completely honest – having Twins is expensive and the sheer amount of diapers you go through is mind-blowing to even start to comprehend the cost implications. No-one at Twin Love Concierge HQ cloth diapered their twins so we turned to our TLC community and one of our Moms, Shannon Eichorn, to share her journey and tips for cloth diapering her nearly 2 year old Twins. It’s not impossible, it just takes planning and a positive approach.

Why we chose the cloth journey
image2 (2)The reason we chose cloth was due to my husband and I having felt that two babies in disposables would create so much more trash then either of us were willing to create. The idea of reusing and going back to what we were brought up in sounded perfect for us. With the whole carbon foot print subject we wanted the boys to know we are helping reduce theirs from the start.
We looked at a few different brands trying to find what would work best for two at once and ended up purchasing a few options to try. We got Charlie bananas, Fuzzibunz, Rumparooz, Bum Genius and a few China cheapos. It became clear once we had two babies home and using them what worked the best. The old saying you get what you pay for is so true even with cloth diapers. Now we are a strictly Charlie banana family.
Having the right quantities
To make life easier for us we have enough diapers for two days which is about forty. We have set night time ones and set day time ones. Four stay permanently for night use where we use a micro fiber insert and 2 Alva bamboo liners behind it. This makes it so we don’t have leaks at night seeing as my boys sleep eleven hours straight.
Create a Laundry System
When taking diapers off the boys, I throw pee ones right in the machine and poop ones get sprayed using a sprayer that’s attached to our toilet and chucked in a regular bucket (nothing fancy). I am not one to separate washing, even colors from whites, so everything gets washed together. Most days I do one load a day. The bucket from the bathroom I only do every other day, out of laziness getting it. I also luck out that my washing machine is in the kitchen so it’s easy to throw diapers straight into it when changing.
For a wash routine I use baby safe laundry soap which ever happens to be on sale that day, norm Purex or ALL. Then every other month or so I will strip them just to keep them looking new. We don’t have hard water so ours are easier to keep nice. I will strip in Dawn dish soap and rinse until clear. Now and then I take the liners and will scrub them on a wash board with a brush with a little bleach. This is more for me I like them to look clean it’s not a must do by any means. The easier you make laundry on yourself the better!
Make it fun
image1 (3)I love making diapering as fun as possible. I enjoy letting the boys just be in diapers since they look so cute. I will put them in themed diapers for certain things. They have special Irish ones for St Patrick’s day and Stars & Stripes for 4th of July. One of my boys even needed a helmet for a little while and we got him diapers to match his helmet. I feel like it’s the little things that you can do make it so much more enjoyable.

When starting you can’t look at it as more work it’s just adjusting your routine. If you do laundry once a week then adjust that or buy enough diapers to go that long. But with young children that seems like a impossible task to go that long anyway so it can fit in your household routine easily.

Sometimes its not easy
The only negative I have is when going somewhere for a day it’s hard to pack a diaper bag big enough for that many diapers. I will cheat if we go to say the zoo and use disposables or disposable inserts. But if it’s to visit someone where I am not lugging a massive back pack I will pack them up and have a dry bag for soiled diapers.
At the end of the day make it as enjoyable as possible – anything you can do that’s fun doesn’t seem like work. But make sure you have the correct quantities inorder that you are never worried about running too low. Take care of them and follow the wash directions carefully as some brands wash differently than others.

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