As we begin 2017, it’s time to reflect on the gorgeous nursery trends that have made our hearts sing. With every passing year, it’s amazing to see the diversity of design, color and texture used for baby rooms as we see more parents breaking away from typical gender specific colors and embracing a modern aesthetic. Here are the top 4 trends from 2016 that will inspire your own baby oasis, as first featured on The Tot:

Monochrome Mania

The No.1 one favorite this year has been the return to monochrome with minimal splashes of color. The black and white phase is back and more stylish than ever with statement cribs and bassinets through to bedding, artwork and even diaper pails. Choose your major furniture items carefully, taking care to not go overboard by having everything black and white. Remembers, we still want to maintain a soothing environment for the little ones so add pops of color to soften the room.

Animal Magic

Everywhere you turn there are now 3D decals and animal-inspired pieces hanging from the ceiling, on the walls and even floors of nurseries. And what better way to make a nursery fun and exciting than having lions, zebras and the all time favourite – unicorns – dotted around. Being able to introduce color and shapes to babies from an early age is fantastic for their infant brain development and what a fun way to do it! Nursery decor has moved away from the typical ‘jungle’ themes and moved towards grouping animal décor together making for a fun and whimsical space. Not mention the cool factor as the babies grow into toddlers!

Pretty Pastels

We have to admit that we have a soft spot for Scandinavian design and the gorgeous mixture of pastels – pale pink, mint, blue and lemon hues work beautifully when complemented with natural oak tones. The return of the vintage pastel allows you to combine old-world mirrors, natural accents and even mix in some family heirloom quilts or vintage lace. Divine!

Boho Luxe

We couldn’t finish the roundup without mentioning the number one product that has been requested by our parents – the tent/teepee. Creating a multi-functional yet serene space for the transition into toddlerhood has been the focus this year, as parents want a room that lasts past the baby stage. Dream catchers, pompoms and dreamy mobiles are all part of this Boho luxe trend and they work beautifully for all ages, including children sharing a room and of course our personal favourite – Twins!

About the Author

As a Mom to identical twin girls, Shannon created Twin Love Concierge from experiencing first-hand the dire need of parents of multiples to have access to parenting education and experts outside the world of singletons. With a team of renowned Multiples specialists from OB/GYNS, IBCLCs through to Nursery Designers and Party Planners, TLC has become the world’s premier service exclusively for Twins. Setting up roots in NYC, the company has now expanded to 2 countries, 17 cities with accompanying online classes, and looks after hundreds of parents who are either expecting or are new to Twins, Triplets and more. In order to continue her mission to banish the myth that multiples are twice the work, Shannon also writes for several well-known parenting resources and advises various baby brands on product development.