My identical twin girls celebrated their 11th birthday last month. We’re expecting baby #3 at the end of March’17. Not many people choose to start all over again 11 years later but here’s a few reasons why it’s never too late to add to your family.

There’s No Right Time For More Kids

When the twins were toddlers we thought about adding to our family. Then I started noticing news articles and Facebooks posts with stories about families with twins followed by triplets. While I know that this isn’t that common, the idea of multiple multiples wasn’t something I felt prepared for at that point. As the years passed there always seemed to be some other reason why now wasn’t a good time. Ultimately, we decided that there will never be a perfect time so why not now? Plus, with an 11 year age gap, we felt like we could even handle a second set of twins.

Eleven Year Olds Are (More) Independent

Most of the developmental milestones that I remember the clearest aren’t necessarily the ones the Pediatrician asks about. Some of my favorites were “puts on shoes by themselves,” “washes hands without being told,” and “can get own cereal without any help.” At 11 years old, the twins need minimal physical help from me. This makes this the perfect time to add to our family. I went into this fully prepared for a second set of twins and knowing that the girls can shower on their own helped me feel confident that I could handle whatever life threw at us.

Eleven Year Olds Can Help!

The twins have asked for a sibling on and off over the years. Within the last year they became obsessed with the Babysitters Club books and becoming baby sitters themselves. This led to even more lobbying for a baby sibling. At one point they even handed me a presentation which contained several pages of reasons why having a baby would be a good idea complete with illustrations. One of their reasons was that they would be able to help. They were overjoyed when they found out their dreams were coming true. To top it off, as an 11th birthday gift we signed them up for a Newborn Care Class. This is the gift they were most excited about!

Eleven Year Olds Can Share In the Joy

My favorite part about having older kids while pregnant is that my twins are able to be involved. They came to the “big” ultrasound and could understand what they were seeing. Their favorite thing to do each week is to look up how big the baby is now and read about how the baby is developing. Their excitement when they felt the baby kick for the first time was priceless. It’s been fun being able to see this pregnancy through their eyes.

So, while it might be more common to try again when your twins are younger, there are benefits to having older children when adding a baby to the family.

About the Author

Alison Dobbins, TLC’s Prepartum Associate, is a lifelong resident of the Philadelphia Area and the proud mother of identical twin girls. Twin pregnancy took Alison by surprise and she was thrilled to find the support of her local Mothers of Multiples club. She credits the advice and example of the experienced members for her own ability to handle the challenges of twin motherhood – and the ability to enjoy the awesomeness that is being a twin mom! You can reach Alison at for more information on our Philadelphia and New Jersey area services.