My twins are turning 3 this month. I can honestly say that having them has been a non- stop learning curve. I’ve learned practical things, like how to prepare a bottle, to emotional things, such as how much it hurts you when your child is sad. Then there is everything in-between. I noted a few things that have really stood out in my mind on my journey.

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Here it goes

1. A lot of patience (more than I could have imagined) is required when raising twins. I have to dig down deep on many days. Perhaps a good yoga class might help. Namaste.

2. When you realize that your twins are truly each other’s best friend, your heart will melt.

3. People with one child are very happy to give you advice on how to raise your twins. Umm, if you don’t have twins then I really don’t want to hear your fabulous advice on child rearing. Thanks.

4. Piggybacking on #3, random strangers like to say ridiculous things to you while you are pregnant with twins; for example, “Do twins run in your family?” or “How are you going to pay for their college?” Not so helpful – or appropriate, for that matter.

5. Instead of crying at those ridiculously difficult twin moments, see if you can turn it into laughter. Not always the easiest, but worth trying.

6. Watching your twins hug each other and hold hands is priceless.

7. When help is offered- accept it.

8. The first few months/years are really hard when raising your twins. Once they start to play with each other, you will be able to sit back and enjoy (for at least a few minutes 😉

9. It’s OK to make time for yourself. I repeat, it’s OK to make time for yourself.

10. Parenting twins is a lot “sloppier” than expected.

11. Holding both of your babies at the same time is incredible.

12. Just when you think you can’t…you can and you will!!!

Happy Twinning!

About the Author

Jennifer Genel is a renowned twin expert and licensed social worker. She is an associate at Twin Love Concierge, USA’s Premier Twin Specialists. You can follow all of Jen’s ups, downs and everything in-between as she navigates being a parent of twins on her goingtwinsane blog. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and twins, Jake and Rachel.