I have to be honest – my twin maternity company and consulting service,  Twin Love Concierge, is turning into a Triplet that I didn’t physically give birth to. As a working mom of Twins I am constantly juggling the mommy needs of my girls vs the very real needs of my expecting Twin moms. So I really do feel like I now have Triplets not Twins but without the lack of celebrity attention when we go out.

I would like the “wow I don’t know how you do it with THREE babies”. I even wouldn’t mind the “geez you’ve certainly got your hands full there don’t you” because for once I could stop and say yes strange woman I don’t know – you are totally right! I am juggling things at the moment and no I didn’t use fertility meds to get in this situation, I instead got this way through social media and google search and erghhh…

Everyday I spend multi-tasking, working during naps, brainstorming during showers, answering emails while the girls are eating. There are so many moments of guilt when my Mommy brain isn’t tuned 100% on the girls but for me, working with expecting twin moms and being fulfilled career wise means the girls overall have a happier Mom.

I’m not going to lie, the hours are long at the end of a weary day I do sleep knowing my triplets are tucked up in bed all very, very, well loved.

Shannon x