I had my first Celebrity encounter with Twin Love Concierge yesterday and my head is still spinning! The lovely Hilaria Baldwin was shopping at the Chelsea Buy Buy Baby that I happened to also be at, chasing my girls in toy aisles. If you have ever been to the Chelsea NYC store, they have a downstairs area which is is just toys and baby food – the girls go crazy down there. So while i was trying to gather the girls into one aisle – rarely happens – i turn around and come face to face with Hilaria, who is even more beautiful in person than you see her in media.

The Moment

Hilaria was browsing through the toy aisles and picked up the Green Spouts Girl Tea Set  to which i couldn’t help myself with “My girls absolutely LOVE that set, its a huge favourite” (and even better thats its made from ergonomic materials, natural colors etc i should note). She smiled, we discussed more…and more…and need i say more – it was such a pleasure.

Celebrity Factor

Walking home, I had a huge smile on my face as I realised that celebrities are real Moms too! Although not a Twin Mom, it was such a pleasure helping her chose the right toys for her daughter as its so important to chose ones that your children can interact with and its even better if there are toys out there that are organic and safe to chew on.  Hilaria was so thankful for the advice and was even kind enough to tweet her thanks and also a shoutout to all the lovely multiple moms on bedrest – see our twitter for the full conversation.

So why not utilise the help of a professional service like Twin Love Concierge, as Hilaria did as celebrities need advice from Twin experts as well and trust me we are just as thankful as they are to help!

Shannon x