Recently we published an article ‘Three things Moms of Twins can’t live without’ and it was so popular that we couldn’t resist asking Dads the same question. Needless to say the most common item that almost all the Dads nominated was the stroller, their lifeline to getting the Twins out of the house! Tell us Dads what you love/loved so that we can keep adding to the list…

Vince – 3 year old b/g twins + 1

City Mini GT stroller as I could fit all three kids nn with the kick board attached

Honda Odyssey so all three Britax carseats can fit in a row

In home camera system so that i can see them even when I am at work

Rob – 3.5 year old b/b Twins + 1

Bob duallie stroller as we do so much outdoors and it can handle all adventures

Our minivan – roomy and comfortable for our family of five

And my wife because she’s the best mom to our kids!

Nathan – 6 month old b/b Twins

The Nuby Natural Touch bottles – they are the only ones I can hold comfortably in my hands, especially one in each hand, and the boys love them

Twin Z pillow as its easy for me to plop them down and bottle feed them together

Beer! Is that wrong to say??

Kris – 2.5 year old b/b Twins

An Ergo 360 carrier, being able to take one of the boys when my wife would take an another was so helpful

Bumbleride Indie Twin as it we could go anywhere with it and the storage underneath was incredible

Motorola Monitor with two cameras as it alleviated a lot of concern and panic of ‘are they both alive’

Jeremy – 3 month g/g Identical Twins

Halo Swaddles are an absolute lifesaver, i can not master the art of swaddling so these have become my best-friend

When we go out i throw everything in my Bjorn diaper backpack and off we go, so easy

Netflix because 3am feeds requires some sort of stimulation to keep me awake!

Ed – 10 year old g/g Twins

Our dishwasher, my wife pumped so it was my job to clean and sterilise the bottles

Memberships to our fun places to take them aka the Zoo, play centers and more

A Nintendo WiiU as it allows 3 + players so that we can all game together as a family!

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