“How many sets of twins do you have?” asked the man behind me in line at the grocery store as I was checking out with my seven children in tow. “Three. And a singleton,” I answered. He said he couldn’t wait to go home and tell his wife. Since he was so excited to have seen such an unusual sight, I told him he could Google us. I told him we had an interview on Good Morning America and were on People.com.

I know we are a shocking sight, but sometimes I forget how we must look to other people as I struggle through the aisles trying to keep them from wrestling with each other or knocking things off the shelves. “Don’t touch that. Be quiet. Stop fighting. I know you’re hungry. Shhhh,” are just some of the many words that I kept repeating that day at the store. But they didn’t seem to hear me most of the time.

By the time we reached that check out aisle, I felt like I was about to break into a sweat from shear stress. Taking all seven grocery shopping with me does not rank at the top of my list of fun things to do. But, somehow we survived.

When we got home from the grocery store, my three year old twins were “helping” me put away the food, by putting ice cream in the pantry, among other perishables that didn’t belong in there. I appreciated their efforts, and I wasn’t even too upset when I found a fruit tray in there the next day that had been overlooked and had already fermented.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Julie and my kids are Kaitlyn (12), Cody and Caleb (9), Chelsea and Kelsey (6), and Caden and Colton (3). I gave birth to each of these children, and love them all dearly. They are a handful, but my heart is also full of love. I hope to share brief glimpses of our life with you from time to time, when I can catch a few minutes to sit down and write.

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On a typical weekday morning you will find us rushing to get ready for school and work. One of those crazy mornings, Chelsea, one of my six year old twin girls, didn’t realize the toilet seat was left up…and fell in. I heard her yelling from the bathroom as I was in the kitchen. To the tub she went. I really don’t plan for these kinds of things to happen. But I should really allow extra time for small disasters. You’d think after 12 years of parenting, I would allow plenty of margin in my life. But I don’t. I prefer to fly by the seat of my pants, apparently.

I try to stay on top of everything, but most of the time I feel like I’m failing. There is just a lot to keep up with, and many things I have to do twice, obviously. Bathe a three year old, and repeat. Wipe a butt, and repeat. (The three year olds usually do go to the bathroom at the same time). Brush a six year old’s hair, and repeat. Tuck in a nine year old, and repeat. Buckle a three year old in their carseat, and repeat. You get the idea.

It is a crazy life, but I can’t imagine life without any of them. Our house is loud and chaotic when the kids are awake, but when they are not home, I feel the void. And the peace and quiet. LOL. Each one of my kids is a blessing and I prayed for them for many years before they were born. Kids are challenging, but they are worth it!

Until next time,

One tired M.O.M.M (+S)

(Mother of Multiple Multiples, and a Singleton)

About the author

Julie Erickson is TLC’s Austin associate and the proud mom to seven beautiful children, a singleton and three sets of twins!  She struggled with infertility for several years and did several rounds of IVF, which resulted in 3 pregnancies all ending in early miscarriage.  After that, she attended a family building conference through RESOLVE, where she won an IVF cycle in a raffle!  All of her children were conceived in that cycle!  Her story was told by People.comAbcnews.com, two UK newspapers, as well as a leading women’s magazine in the UK.  She and her family were also interviewed on Good Morning America and their local news, Kare 11.  You can reach Julie at julie@twinloveconcierge.com for more details on our Austin services.