Over the past four months our country has been in some form of quarantine, lockdown or strict regulations of who you can see, how many people can be there, where you can go and what you can do. Over the past four months, my husband and I made the conscious effort to get our children outdoors and not be stuck inside the house. There are plenty of activities and adventures you can go on even without leaving your neighbor and are social distance approved. 

  1. Communicate with several neighbors on your block about going on a “Bear Hunt”. Yes, you all probably know the famous children’s book, “We’re going on a bear hunt.” I was contacted by our neighbor who brought the idea to my attention. The idea is simple. You find a bear or stuffed animal of any size and place it in your front window. Your family and your neighbor’s families can walk around the neighborhood at their own pace and when it works for them. My kids 7,4 and 4, dressed up for the adventure and enjoyed spotting the 15 bears in our neighborhood. We also participated in a Shamrock hunt for St. Patrick’s day and a School Spirit hunt (The school district sent out logos of the schools for the kids to color and place in the window. This was to encourage neighborhood engagement and spot where other families from school live). 
  2. Go on a nature walk. Explore the great outdoors by finding a trail that is close to your home. We are fortunate to live in a neighborhood with great walking trails around a lake. Some other places to explore are State Parks, National Parks, County Parks and Nature Preserves. 
  3. Go Fishing. Lifetime memories are made when fishing. Grab a fishing pole and some bait and find a local lake or pond to fish. You don’t need a boat to enjoy the sport of fishing. 
  4. Camping in the backyard or at a campsite. You don’t need to go far to pitch your tent. Enjoy sleeping under the stars in your own back yard. 
  5. S’mores! When you think of Summer, bonfires and S’mores come to mind! Enjoy quality family time by a campfire. If you are unable to have a campfire, S’mores in the microwave are pretty good too.
    *Pro Tip: Replace the classic Hersey bar with a Reese’s Cup for a peanut butter and chocolate delight! 
  6. Water activities including, Swimming, Slip N Slide, water blobs, water tables, splash pads and sprinklers will help beat the heat this summer. 

Enjoy the Summer! 

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About the Author

Krista Vanderveren, TLC’s Minnesota associate, is a mother to three, she has a 7 year old singleton boy and 4 year old fraternal twin girls. She holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Exercise Science and a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education. She is on the board for the Minnesota Valley Mother’s of Multiples organization and is active in the mother’s of multiples community in the twin cities. Krista is excited to share her experience and knowledge as a mother of multiples and making connections with expecting families of multiples. We are blessed to all be on this journey of raising multiples.  You can reach Krista at krista@twinloveconcierge.com for more details on our Twin Cities services.