Surviving toddler twins is no easy feat. Everyone twin parent celebrates making it to one year old, which is definitely a major milestone. But what comes after year one is a marathon of historic proportions.

These are some of the highs and lows of raising toddler twins:

High – Double the Funny

Toddlers are natural comedians. They are so random and strange, being self-conscious isn’t something they worry about. They have no qualms about walking through the store in some costume or like a penguin. Sometimes what comes out of their mouths is comedy gold. Listening to their conversations with each other is brilliant. What makes no sense to you, makes perfect sense to them. One of mine used to stand on something and say “Hello down there, I have a trumpet.” What does that even mean???

Low – Double the Attitude

The threenager. Never has there been a more perfect description of an age. Shortly after they turn three a newfound independence makes for a stubborn, willful, dramatic toddler. You might find yourself in a state of panic that you packed the wrong snack. Or might hear when telling your toddler something is not safe to go “It’s fine Mom.” A perfect day could turn in a moment’s notice and you’re left trying clinging to a cliff praying you don’t go over.

High – Can Do More

It is easier getting out the door. There is some freedom for both you and your toddler twins. You don’t have to pack a massive bag. Don’t have to rush home for a feeding or naps. You don’t have to follow two babies around everywhere worried they are going to fall or put something in their mouth. You can also do more fun activities. Going to museums, the movies, hikes, bowling, it is super fun getting to be a kid again with your kids.

Low – Like Herding Cats

Trying to get 2 three year olds out the door is a marathon event. You have to plan at least an extra 15-20 minutes to get out the door and to the car. It may be that they decided they are snakes and have to slither on their belly to the door. Or need to finish a book. Or they “have a broken leg” and won’t put on their own shoe. Or simply they just don’t want to go. You never know what you will get when it’s time to leave. That is just getting out of the house. The walk from the front door to the car is chalk full of distractions. A bug, a flower, an interesting rock, a new way to walk, an airplane – anything can cause a distraction when walking to the car

Low – Tantrums

Toddler tantrums are the worst. And when you have two volatile little people you often have to dig deep for some extra patience. You often never know when they will strike. Some days they are simultaneously screaming that you gave them the wrong color cups. Other days, it’s a tag team effort. Once one has finished flopping down on the floor the other one starts.

High – Built in Playmate

While the first year of their lives may have felt like you were just trying to survive, the payoff is the toddler years when they play with each other. While most parents of singletons have to spend most of their day playing with their toddler, twins play with each other. Having toddler twins gives you a lot more free time during the day as they play with each other, not just you.

Low – No Naps

That much needed break in the middle of the day goes out the window. Sure you can do a lot more and not have to rush home for a nap. But there is a real loss come 2 o’clock, you are wiped out and there is no relief until bedtime. On the random chance a nap does happen, then they are up incredibly late. It is a lose, lose situation.

High – Seeing Their Friendship

The twin bond is very special. Their imagination working together is so fun to watch. No one makes one of my guy’s laugh more than his brother. They still need to sit, arms touching on the couch. I have seen a caring, protectiveness between each other that fills my heart. Of course they fight, but they also look out for each other and have more empathy, than any singleton I know. As they grow up together I pray this bond deepens.

About the Author

Kate DiRienzo-Payne. TLC’s LA Associate, has lived in Los Angeles for over 14 years. Living so far from her family in Boston meant she and her husband were going to be traveling the road to twins without the close-by support of their families. Kate set out on learning everything there is to know about twins – classes, pregnancy books, testing products to speaking with other twin moms for advice. Along with raising two happy, healthy, adventurous twin boys, she is focused on helping other twin moms in the Los Angeles area giving each other the personalised support they need. You can also follow her journey at Please contact for more information on our LA services.