Having Family photo’s taken can be super stressful and all parents want to know how to successfully photograph twins yourself to save the all that pain! Twin Love Concierge asked well-renowned photographer and mother to Irish Twins – Diana Miftaris – for her insider tips on how to create the best family moments yourself!


So you’ve got the family all dressed up and position everyone in front of your back drop, you run to the camera to set the timer, you then frantically run back to get yourself in position and you make the whole family say “CHEESE” in unison, in hopes your little ones cooperate and of course, they don’t.  One starts crying and the other one runs off distracted by a toy. Sound familiar?  Story of my life and of many parents!


Taking your own family photo is very challenging. If you can’t hire a professional, don’t fret, here you will find some useful tips on how to get right:

The behind the scene's photo's you don't see

The behind the scene’s photo you don’t often see

  • Have someone take the photo for you (friend or relative), make sure they know how to use the camera or set the camera on auto
  • Try to have photos taken early in the morning or after little one’s nap-time
  •  Little ones should have been fed or had a snack beforehand because cranky really shows in photos
  •  Have the photographer get kids attention by holding up a rattle or other fun toy near the camera to get their attention for a few seconds
  • For older kids, I tell them there is a frog inside of the lens and if they smile it will pop out. Works like a charm!


We had one family who was struggling to get their 3 year old to have his photo taken with his 6 month old sister for their holiday cards. He just refused, calling her “tupid” and running off into the other room. The parents were so embarrassed. We have all been there and I knew their frustration was mounting, after they bribed and threaten to take toys away. I immediately reached into my bag to look for my bottle of bubbles and there is was, magic in a bottle! That little guy came running back into the living room to take a quick photo with his sister and he even hugged her! 

So my last tip, when kids are just not cooperating, bring out the bubbles. It works every time, even for my most difficult non-smiley clients.

Happy Holidays, parents!



From Love, The Miftaris Photography


Diana Miftari is part of a husband and wife photography duo, she and her husband, Leonard work together.  Often times, one is directing while the other is shooting.  Their specialty is natural light photography.  Their focus is on modern and fun family portraits and lifestyle photography.  They have been working together for just over a year when they co-founded Love, The Miftaris Photography but have both had a passion for photography long before they met.  They serve families in CT and NYC and also have two toddler boys who are 13 months apart.