Being pregnant or having children during these uncertain times is not only anxiety inducing, but it is also confusing. What do you believe and what advice do you follow? As the mum of twin two year olds and a nurse, it has felt like information overload. How do I protect my family, while being a good (I’ll settle for passable at the moment) mum and frontline healthcare worker? 

Much of my anxiety has been reduced by the fact that this does not seem to be affecting children, so seemingly I just need to protect the rest of the population from my children. However, if you are currently pregnant at this time, there are so many unknowns. I was pregnant right when Zika was a big concern, but that felt fairly avoidable. Apart from having to cancel a long wanted trip to Mexico, day to day life was the same. Fortunately, all of the information available (albeit limited) seems to show that pregnant mothers do not seem to be more at risk, and mother to baby transmission during pregnancy has been listed by the CDC as “unlikely”. I was an ICU nurse in Australia during H1N1, and pregnant mothers were terribly at risk and my biggest memory at the time was having an ICU full of pregnant women in their 3rd trimester. Fortunately all mothers were safe, but it was a scary time for all of us

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What do I think are the most important things to consider during this time? If pregnant, follow the advice of your OB/MFM – they are the experts on your pregnancy. Also follow the advice of your local officials. This virus is not affecting all parts of the country in the same way so what is right for you in NYC, may not be the same advice for someone in Dallas. I have several friends currently pregnant, some with twins and while the advice from their physicians is slightly different, in essence it is the same. Stay home, socially distance and keep as healthy as possible
For those with young children, power to you all. I can tell you having two toddlers and both working from home is presenting itself with real challenges. Just when I cannot take any more screaming, my kids have interrupted their 5th teleconference of the day and popped up on screen as I am doing a telehealth consult – I have to remind myself of the positives. We are safe. All of our needs are met (food, shelter, love). I am spending more time with my kids. Im able to eat three meals a day with them. I have time I would not normally have. At the time it is hard, but I am trying to be mindful for all that we do have, and thinking of ways I can make it easier on those around us that are not so fortunate.

So the overarching theme is watch out for each other, we are all in this together. My hope is that when this is all over, we have developed a new perspective on things like the environment, connecting to each other and what things are really important to us

About the author

Sandra Montez, TLC’s Houston Associate, has fraternal twin girls names Heidi and Zoe. Sandra is originally from Australia, but has been living in Houston for the last 6 years. Sandra currently works as a nurse at MD Anderson and enjoys the ordered chaos of balancing work and family life. Now that the first year of having twins is past her, Sandra would love to share the experience with other parents of multiples and help them navigate the awesome ride that being a multiple parent is. You can reach Sandra at for more information about our Houston services.