Poop.  Let’s get real and talk about that brown stinky stuff.  I’m telling you, when you have three sets of twins and a singleton, there are a lot of incidents involving poop.

When my oldest set of twins were 2 years old, one crawled under the bed and refused to come out.  I was pregnant with my second set of twins, and there was just no way I was going to be army-crawling with a huge pregnant belly to get him out.  So while he was under there, he pooped.  And took off his diaper.  Naturally.  You can guess the rest.  That brown stuff was smeared all over the carpet.   Oh, poop.

And then there was the time when, while in the same room as my toddler, he took off his diaper and smeared poop all over the pack-n-play he was in, while I wasn’t looking at him for a moment.  Oh, poop.

Fast forward to today.  Third set of twins and still dealing with poop.  One of my 3 year old twin boys told me he had poop on his finger, so I washed his hands.  Before I could even change his pull-up, as we were walking out of the bathroom, he hopped on a ride-on toy, and poop oozed out of his diaper and got smeared all over the seat.  Which was full of grooves.  Oh, poop.

My youngest twins usually poop on the same schedule, so I’m usually changing back to back poopy diapers.  Probably one of the most difficult parts of having twins is when you’re changing a dirty diaper and the twin on the loose decides to get into some trouble when he knows that mom cannot do a thing about it.  Impeccable timing they have.  Oh, poop!
As a parent of multiples, you will feel your stress level rising daily.  There are just so many things that are out of your control.  It is a challenge to manage two children of the same age, especially when they are mobile but do not yet have any common sense (READ:toddlers).  

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But what I can tell you is that chances are, you will survive.  I have survived getting a singleton and two sets of twins through those poopy years.  And I’m almost at the point of being able to say I’ve survived getting a singleton and three sets of twins through the poopy years…as I’ve currently been trying to get my 3rd set of twins potty trained.  While we’re on the subject, let’s talk about potty-training twins for a moment.  It kind of stinks, to be honest.  Potty-training has always been one of my least-favorite parenting tasks.  I purposely wait until they are around 3 years old to train them, because it is hard taking two toddlers into a public restroom by yourself, and uber-hard to take a whole bunch of little people into a public restroom and keep them from touching gross things.  So I wait until they are really ready and then it is a little easier.  I know there are people who will judge me for not training them earlier, but hey, if you don’t have multiple sets of twins, then you don’t get an opinion.  Poop.

You too will make it to the other side of poopy diapers!  And hopefully in the land of toilet trained children, you will have some of your own poopy, yet memorable moments to look back on and laugh.  It may take awhile, but you WILL laugh someday at the moments that caused you so much stress once upon a time!

Now, enough talk about poop.  If you’ve read this blog post all the way to the end, chances are you need to check on your twins and see what kind of trouble they are in!  Hopefully it doesn’t involve POOP!

About the author

Julie Erickson is TLC’s Austin associate and the proud mom to seven beautiful children, a singleton and three sets of twins!  She struggled with infertility for several years and did several rounds of IVF, which resulted in 3 pregnancies all ending in early miscarriage.  After that, she attended a family building conference through RESOLVE, where she won an IVF cycle in a raffle!  All of her children were conceived in that cycle!  Her story was told by People.comAbcnews.com, two UK newspapers, as well as a leading women’s magazine in the UK.  She and her family were also interviewed on Good Morning America and their local news, Kare 11.  You can reach Julie at julie@twinloveconcierge.com for more details on our Austin services.