A few months ago, my blog was about navigating COVID19 very early on in the pandemic. While the pandemic is very much still here, we know a lot more about COVID19 than we did 7 months ago and some of the decisions we have made have certainly changed from our initial very strict lockdown. As a mum of twin two year olds and a heath care worker, just some of the questions I have had to ask are: Should we send our children to daycare? Should I still be seeing my patients in clinic face to face? Should we allow our children to have playdates with families we know? Do I skip their first dental check up?

None of these questions are easy to answer, and none of the solutions are going to fit every family. The approach we have taken? Weigh up the costs and benefits of each decision and do whatever we feel is best for our family and community. So while we have decided to keep our kids (I would not have survived this last 8 months without our nanny), we do let them have some interaction with kids in our neighborhood. On the flip side, I work from home and “see” all of my patients remotely, but we decided to go ahead with their scheduled dental appts. 

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Not much has changed about my approach. If pregnant, follow the advice of your OB/MFM – they are the experts on your pregnancy. If you have children, we have been following the advice of our pediatrician and local authorities. While again this is not perfect, we do feel like it is helping us keep ourselves and the people around us safe, while allowing some modicum of normalcy. Yes, we still allow our children to pay in the local playgrounds that are open, but only if there are no other children there. We have actually been terrible at getting our kids to wear masks and have not mastered that, despite having several friends with same aged children doing it with ease. However, we do not go out in public with them if they are going to need to be within about 10ft of other people. I think the point I am trying to make, is that no solution is going to fit everyone, so be kind to one another and understand that not everyone’s circumstances are the same. If there are people that you don’t feel like have the same ethos around distancing than you – then feel free to politely decline a social get together

So as with my prior blog  – the overarching theme remains the same. Watch out for each other, we are all in this together. As much as I can, I am trying to relish some of the benefits I have gained from being at home such as lots of extra time with the kids, more time for selfcare and exercise and new macrame skills all learned from YouTube

About the author

Sandra Montez, TLC’s Houston Associate, has fraternal twin girls names Heidi and Zoe. Sandra is originally from Australia, but has been living in Houston for the last 6 years. Sandra currently works as a nurse at MD Anderson and enjoys the ordered chaos of balancing work and family life. Now that the first year of having twins is past her, Sandra would love to share the experience with other parents of multiples and help them navigate the awesome ride that being a multiple parent is. You can reach Sandra at sandra@twinloveconcierge.com for more information about our Houston services.