We found out we were expecting twins the same week we found out we’d be moving from Virginia to San Francisco. It was shocking in so many ways. We had a lot to figure out but one thing at the very top of my mind was finding friends in our new city. Specifically twin mom friends. 

The twins are our first (and only) kids. Being a first time mom (and twin mom!), I knew I would really need some other mom friends in my corner to get through those first few years. 

Join local multiples groups 

I quickly got plugged into San Francisco Parents of Multiples and their Facebook group. If you attend a Twin Love class, we’ll give you a list of resources for groups you can join to find your community. It was great to follow along with the posts in the group to get tips and also free gear being passed on from other families. 

Get numbers

I met my very best twin mom friend in a local pre/post-natal pilates class! Often at the start of these types of classes, the instructor will ask everyone to go around and say how far along they are or how many weeks post-partum. Another mom in the class mentioned that she was 9 weeks post-partum from having twins (superhero!) and at the time, I was about 30 weeks. After class, I asked for her number. We ended up getting together before my twins were born and she showed me her whole routine. Then after my twins were born, we texted pretty much daily. She is THE BEST and I’m so glad I was brave enough to ask for her number after class. 

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Get referrals

We chose to use a night nanny after the twins were born and the one we chose introduced me to another twin mom for a reference call. After chatting with her, I knew we’d be friends and we ended up keeping in touch. Don’t be afraid to ask people around you to introduce you to other twin moms.

I feel really fortunate to have met some amazing twin moms while I was pregnant as it make the transition to the city, and motherhood, so much easier. I also quickly realized that I really only had energy and capacity to make time for other twin moms. When I met singleton moms at the playground or classes, I just wasn’t able to connect with them as much. And to be honest, they often seemed very overwhelmed by our crew. 

About the author

Alessandra Thomas, TLC’s San Francisco Associate, is the mother of 2 year old boy/girl twins. Alessandra and her husband received the shocking news that they were expecting twins the same week they found out about their cross-country move from Virginia to San Francisco. Eager to find support and a community especially without family on the West Coast, Alessandra became involved in the local Parents of Multiples chapter and attended a class with Twin Love. She’s a contributing writer for a local moms blog where she focuses on sharing the trials and joys of having twins. Alessandra is also a freelance executive assistant and loves the flexibility of working remotely. You can reach Alessandra at alessandra@twinloveconcierge.com for more information about our San Francisco services.