Finding time for yourself is most definitely a struggle when you are a mom of multiples.  But yet, it is so important. As a mom of seven children, including three sets of twins and a singleton, I have found it critical that I make time for myself in order to keep going.  Burn-out is inevitable without taking breaks.  

But how do you actually make it happen?  That is the million dollar question. It takes a village to raise a child, they say.  But so many moms nowadays are raising their children without a village. And it is hard.  Here are some suggestions that may help.

Find a mom’s group

Find a mom’s group, whether it be through your local church, MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers), or some other organized group of moms of young children.  They usually have weekly meetings with childcare provided, and once you get to know some mom friends, you can swap childcare with each other.

Join a gym

Another suggestion is to join a local gym that provides childcare while you work out, or just take a shower, or even just sit in the hot tub for awhile.  Some gyms will provide up to two hours per day of childcare. Even a short amount of time to yourself can be very helpful to recharge your own batteries.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Alternatively, if you have family or friends nearby, don’t be afraid to ask them for help.  If you don’t have family or friends nearby, you can check out local babysitting services online such as or, for example.

Take advantage of naptime

But what about when you can’t make any of the above suggestions work and you are burning out?   Naptime for your little ones is a key time for you to take care of yourself. Whether it is just taking a nap yourself, taking a shower, or maybe even just surfing the internet.  

Where I live, there is a furniture store in a neighboring town that provides childcare for preschoolers and up while their parents shop.  So if you have something like that, you can go try out a comfortable recliner or bed for awhile!

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As a sidenote, I have also found it to be helpful to provide myself little pick-me-ups during the day.  Whether it be your morning coffee, or taking time to step outside for a moment of fresh air, just taking some brief moments during the day for yourself can help rejuvenate you enough to keep going through your day.

It can be easy to feel mom-guilt sometimes, when we take time for ourselves.  But we need to put our own oxygen mask on before we are any good to anyone else.  We need to take care of ourselves so that we are better able to take care of our littles!  

I know that when I take time for myself, I usually come back feeling recharged and ready to start momming again!  

So take that time for you, Moms.  You matter too.

About the author

Julie Erickson is TLC’s Austin associate and the proud mom to seven beautiful children, a singleton and three sets of twins!  She struggled with infertility for several years and did several rounds of IVF, which resulted in 3 pregnancies all ending in early miscarriage.  After that, she attended a family building conference through RESOLVE, where she won an IVF cycle in a raffle!  All of her children were conceived in that cycle!  Her story was recently told by, two UK newspapers, as well as a leading women’s magazine in the UK.  She and her family were also interviewed on Good Morning America and their local news, Kare 11.  You can reach Julie at for more details on our Austin services.