A big hello! We are extremely excited and humbled to be contributing to Twin Love Concierge. As this is our first post I thought it would be rather fitting to share our background of how our twin adventures began. I’m Haley, living in South East London with my husband Pete and our beautiful baby twins, Beatrice and Francis. As I write this post it’s a funny feeling reminiscing about the last few years. If you had told me four years ago I would be living and working in London, married with baby twins I would have choked on my Prosecco in disbelief. But here we are today, living and working in the Capital City, happily married with two beautiful babies. How can life change so much in such a short amount of time?

Four Years Ago…

Let me take you back four years ago. Pete and I were engaged to be married, we lived in a cute cottage just outside of Exeter in Devon, both working full time jobs and had our fabulous friends and family nearby. Life was pretty great.

I don’t know if it was the getting married bit that made us think about it, but the idea of living in Devon for the rest of our lives, didn’t feel right for us. That’s when we made the overnight decision to move to the Capital City. Eeeek!

Relocating To London

Fast forward to interviews and flat viewings, we had secured new jobs and a place to live…but it meant relocating to London…the DAY after our wedding. We packed up our house during the week, said ‘I do’ on the Saturday, waved goodbye on the Sunday, had a brief ‘minimoon’ in London and then started our new jobs the following Monday.  Boom (*insert trophy and gold star emojis here).

The next three years, I would say, were the best times of our lives. Enjoying all that London had to offer made us feel like the luckiest people alive. Sightseeing, new experiences and socialising galore, Pete and I had a ball.

Pregnancy Shock!

Then as they say, out of nowhere came a delightful surprise. In February 2016, I didn’t know what it was but I knew something wasn’t quite right. We were due to travel to Devon for a weekend birthday celebration so before we set off I thought I would take a pregnancy test to check it wasn’t that. However, this little white stick very quickly looked up at me and declared ‘you’re pregnant!’. Oh my goodness! Really? All of you mamas out there I am sure can relate to that very moment where time stood still and you’re overwhelmed with emotion. Suddenly your head is filled with a million and one questions: ‘Are we ready to have a baby?’ ‘Can we afford to raise a child?’ ‘What am I going to do about work?’ ‘How will my body change?’ ‘Am I ready to give up fizz?!’ (THAT was a really tough one…). But alas! There we were, sitting on the bathroom floor, looking at the test thinking we are actually going to have a baby. Oh my goodness.

An Early Scan

Working in education, I was due to lead on a French residential soon after I did the pregnancy test. As we were not due to have our 12 week check up until a few weeks after the trip, I decided to book in for an early scan just to make sure everything was ok. Also, I couldn’t get my head around the fact that I was pregnant. I didn’t look pregnant yet of course. Just a little bloated and slightly nauseous, but obviously no bump to suggest there was a baby in there.

As we walked through the doors of the clinic, my heart started to pound in my chest. This was it. This was going to be the moment where Pete and I find out for certain that we would be welcoming a little bundle of joy into our lives. My clammy hands held onto Pete as the sonographer began the scan. The room was silent. I don’t think I took a breath. What felt like a life time, the lady finally spoke. ‘Well, it’s good news…there are two heartbeats’. Pardon? I didn’t understand. Our baby has two hearts??
‘You are having TWINS!’


Pete almost fell to the floor and I screamed in disbelief. If you think that overwhelming feeling of finding out you’re pregnant is crazy, nothing can describe the feeling of someone telling you you’re actually carrying TWO babies! I think I may have gone into shock. I could not stop giggling as the sonographer tried to complete the scan. I was 8 weeks pregnant with twins. We did NOT expect that, for sure. We had confirmation that they were definitely non-identical twins as each baby had their own amniotic sac (how amazing is it that they can tell this at such an early date?). This meant we could have any combo…two boys, two girls or one of each. How ridiculously exciting!

Pete and I giggled uncontrollably all the way home. It was like we had found out we were pregnant all over again. Calling friends and family to hear their reactions to the news that we would be welcoming two babies into the world was amazing. We felt like the luckiest people on Earth.

My twin pregnancy was surprisingly quite a delightful one. I embraced my ever growing bump and relished in the planning and preparations. The feeling of two babies moving around inside of me was something I’ll never forget. Twin 1 was a regular mover, whereas Twin 2 was, shall we say, a madam (we didn’t know the gender, but I just knew Twin 2 was a girl) and would only move once I had really prodded and poked around to make sure all was ok.

I was determined to work right up to the last minute so that I could spend as much maternity leave as possible with my new babies. I waved goodbye to my work colleagues on the Friday, nested over the weekend, finished watching Gossip Girl on the Monday, only to have the twins make a surprise arrival on the Tuesday! Pretty good timing I’d say.

A Surprise Early Arrival

I was 35 weeks and 5 days when the babies were born. Not knowing the gender was the BEST decision we had made. That moment when Pete came to me and said: ‘We have a boy and a girl and they’re perfect’ will be one of my most treasured memories of all time. It makes me teary just thinking about it now.

Unfortunately my caesarean was not straightforward and I ended up losing 3.5 litres of blood and needed a transfusion (you can read My Twin Birth Story here). I cannot thank the staff at King College Hospital enough for looking after Pete and our babies whilst they fixed me. I didn’t appreciate how important donating blood was before this event, it most definitely saved my life.

Incredibly, both babies were very healthy and did not need any extra assistance after being born, which was amazing considering they were a little premature. Pete and I had gone from being a family of two to a family of four. Welcome to the world, Beatrice and Francis. You have no idea how loved you already are.

Love, The Foxfairies x


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