I am a full time working mom with two side passion projects (one of them of course, being Twin Love Concierge!) and I have 6 year old twins. My husband travels a lot so I am often on my own, and I have no family locally. People often ask-how do you manage? How do you do it all?

It is impossible to do it all

I am not the perfect mother, nor the perfect employee. I have to prioritize, and let things slide, but also be organized. My apartment is often a mess-and that is just fine, if it means an extra hour I can dedicate to my girls at bedtime instead of straightening up. I catch up on my work at odd hours, and eat lunch at my desk, as it means that I can leave a bit early to pick up my girls to avoid traffic and have some quality time with them in the evening. My friends have become my family-because you do need help, and I have learned that it is OK to ask for help when needed.  I often think its too much to ask as mine are a double package-but I have been so fortunate to find a community of friends that takes my requests in with open arms, without blinking an eye. I find time for me, even if it means getting up at 5am to go for a run or practice yoga-because I know that makes me a better mother and more effective and efficient at work. Friendships and my social life are also essential to help me keep balanced-but social outings tend to be more family friendly or workout “dates” where I can both see friends and exercise. 

I also find extra support where I can-in my case I am part of an exceptional Online Parenting Support group (https://stopparentingalone.com/) which has given me additional insight into the parenting challenges that I face, plus also helped me understand how to manage and juggle what it is to be a full time working mom.

Meal prepping is an additional key to help maintaining some semblance of organization. I try to spend time over the weekends as well as packing school lunches and snacks the night before. Mornings in our house tend to be very chaotic so as much as can be done ahead of time really helps.

Quality vs. quantity

Quality vs. quantity is another thing I take into consideration. As a full time working twin mom-my time with my girls is precious. It is so important that when I am with them they have my full attention, so I really try to not look at my phone or work emails, or do any household tasks so I can really connect with them. I also lie down with them before they go to sleep-it is the best time to really snuggle and have honest conversations with them as they are able to tell me about their days and they have my undivided attention.

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The most important thing to remember though, if you are a full time working twin mom or a full time working mom of any number of children…. you are doing an amazing job. The juggling act is very real…so please give yourself a pat on the back and remind yourself-its impossible to do it all! You do what you can, to the best of your ability. My work/life balance is basically an organized chaos-but when I leave their room at bedtime and kiss them goodnight-I look at their little sleeping faces and feel such overwhelming gratitude.  I try to take a few minutes a day to just breathe, and be thankful. I know that within the craziness of life I tend to forget how blessed I am to have these two incredible beings that call me mom. And to them-I am everything. And in their eyes-I do it all.

About the author

Meredith Mortimer is TLC’s Miami associate and a mother to 5 year old very energetic twin girls. Born in Los Angeles, Meredith lived in Spain for 8 years before relocating to Miami and has worked in television marketing for over 10 years. With a BA in psychology, Meredith’s passion for being a mom to multiples is apparent. She is an active participant in moms groups and provides support and advice wherever she can, and will even go up to complete strangers who have multiples to offer words of encouragement. Meredith is also passionate about health and overall wellness, and is an avid runner and yogi. You can reach Meredith at meredith@twinloveconcierge.com for more information on our Miami services.