The dynamic between Boy and Girl Twins has always been a fascinating one and we wanted to explore the similarities and differences through the eyes of a Twin Parent. Our Miami Associate and Mom to 2.5year old boy/girl Twins, Joanna Navarrete, shares her key observations in their family dynamic.


The first and most obvious difference between boy/girl twins is that they don’t look alike because they are fraternal. Yet, to my surprise and every other boy/girl twin parent we still get the age-old question: Are they identical? No they are not identical! Boys and girls cannot be identical by any means because they are anatomically different.

Hitting Milestones

Developmentally girls tend to hit their milestones earlier than the boys. But this is nothing specific for Twins, it occurs also when looking at siblings of different ages and sexes. Girls are generally more advanced when reaching these milestones the general consensus is that girls roll over, sit up, crawl, stand and walk earlier. In my twins’ case, my daughter did everything about 2 months before my son. Girls tend to be more driven or more focused on certain activities. Boys take a bit more time to get into xyz activity, task etc. Yet they will both succeed if they truly love what they are doing just with a time lapse in between.


This can be either amazing for some or a bit of a headache for others. When it comes to clothes it’s very easy to define individuality with boy/girl twins. Even though the girl section at the stores is completely unfair to the boys’ side!

Toys are very easy for the first year of their life because you lean towards the gender-neutral toys that could benefit both in play. As they get older, the toys are very well defined as to what is for boys and what is for girls. You will still have the fights over that one toy you thought was clearly for one but now the other must have! But you can still get toys that could benefit them both, as they get older, toy kitchens, puzzles, blocks, books, art materials and manipulative toys. But I love that in this area they will both be exposed to the other’s toys and learn a variety range of toys and play from the other. It will keep them well rounded.


Boy/girl twins are very different when it comes to making relationships with other people. Boys in that aspect, I believe are more outgoing in true boy fashion. They are not as inhibited as girls tend to be. Boys will also gravitate to motherly figures being that they form a very strong bond with their mothers, so they will mimic this with teachers, nannies, babysitters etc. Girls, on the other hand, tend to be more reserved with their relationships with others. They are a generally more observant and calculating before engaging. They like to assess that person beforehand, in true girl fashion!

Experiences with mom and dad can also highlight gender differences. Daughters like to do girly things with Mom like shopping days, playing dress up, baking and tea parties. Boys like to go to Home Depot with Daddy, help them build and fix stuff around the house or do outdoorsy stuff like playing catch or fishing. But also, the experiences that a mom will have with their son or a dad with their daughter are like no other and so very special.


And of course the most defined difference as they get older, is their emotional personalities. Girls will tend to be the caretaker of the two, the more maternal one. The boy generally is more carefree and the independent of the two. The girl is usually the one that is concerned for her brother’s well-being and overall happiness. They tend to be more compassionate with the other, most of the time! Boys usually enjoy their time alone and can play by themselves without the other twin. Girls tend to look for their brothers for reassurance purposes.

But in my experience, the best part of having boy/girl twins is just that, you get to experience one of each. There are different joys, obstacles and differences in having a boy and having a girl. We just have to juggle each at the same time, which makes it an adventure all on its own.

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