One of the most important things you need as a Mother of Multiples is support from other moms. No one will understand what you are going through the way another Mother of Multiples will! Here are the MOMs you want to have in your support network.

MOMs with children around the same age

This is a must. There are so many challenges as you raise multiples and going through it with friends who truly understand is so important. Laugh over the “joys” of having two that walk in different directions, have a shoulder to cry on when potty training gets tough, share experiences, learn from each other’s triumphs and mistakes. You can never have too many MOM friends with similar aged children. Have weekly or bi-weekly playdates! Even better, your kids will entertain each other while you catch up.

A MOM with the same type of multiples

Let’s face it, whether you have fraternal girls, identical boys, or one of each, your type of multiples will have their own unique needs. It’s incredibly helpful to have someone to compare notes with. Bonus if their multiples are a few years older than yours. You’ll benefit from their experiences and “hindsight.”

A MOM with multiples a year old than yours

A year older is perfect because the MOM has a full year of experience more than you but it’s recent enough that they remember the introduction to solid foods, the transition to toddler beds, or whatever you’re working on this week.

A MOM with multiples a year younger than yours

Don’t miss out on YOUR chance to feel like a rock star by answering a younger MOM’s questions. This is a nice confidence boost when you might be feeling lost yourself. Trust me, you’ve learned a lot and have wisdom to share.

A MOM with more kids than you

Needs tips on where to head with your little ones? Needs ideas on how to stay organized? Looking for tips on how to make meal time sane? Find a MOM with triplets or with twins plus one (or more!). The more kids, the more strategies you use to keep your house running smoothly. If these moms can go to that playground with their kids then you can handle it with “just” your two.

When I joined my local Mothers of Multiples Club 10 years ago I was amazed by two thing: 1. The MOMs with school aged twins who were completely sane and not prematurely aged. It gave me hope. 2. The MOMs who went on to have more kids. It meant they figured out a way to handle more kids AND they found time alone with their significant other. Now my girls are 10 years old and I completely credit having the above MOMs in my support network as the reason I’m pretty much as sane as I was pre-kids and I don’t *think* I’ve aged before my time.

Need help making connections? Find your local club by going to If you don’t have a club in your area, there are many online support groups on Facebook, GoogleGroups, and Plus, couples who attend a Twin Love Concierge class are added to the TLC Facebook group!

About the Author: Alison Dobbins, TLC’s Prepartum Associate, is a lifelong resident of the Philadelphia Area and the proud mother of identical twin girls. Twin pregnancy took Alison by surprise and she was thrilled to find the support of her local Mothers of Multiples club. She’s held several leadership positions in her local Mothers of Multiples group and assist numerous expecting moms throughout the tri-state area. You can reach Alison at for more information on our Philadelphia & New Jersey area services.