Triplets?! Hearing that you’re expecting not one, but three babies is quite the surprise! It can be overwhelming thinking about your suddenly cramped car, the two more cribs you need to squeeze in the nursery, and the mountains of coffee beans you’re going to need to get through the first six months. But triplets also mean six chubby cheeks, thirty tiny toes, and an immeasurable amount of love. You’re ready to shout from the rooftops and your three impending bundles of joy are definitely worthy of a big announcement, but where do you start? From photo ideas to party props, we’ve collected some creative triplet pregnancy announcements and gender reveals to help you decide how to share the news with your family and friends.

Have Fun

Chances are you’re not going to be announcing a triplet pregnancy again so make it count! Try a photo that’s entertaining and makes people think. It can be fun to see how many times your friends have to do the math before they believe you’re expecting three. Share your joy and some laughs at the same time.

Get the Whole Family Involved

Siblings, both of the human and four-legged variety, are going to have lots of emotions surrounding your growing family. Capture their reaction to the news on camera to create a memorable announcement. Balloon drops, pinatas, or other party game reveals can be a fun way to get a whole group of your nearest and dearest involved in the action!

Try a Triple Twist on a Classic Announcement

As you’re soon to discover, life will soon contain everything in threes; start now by tripling a traditional announcement or gender reveal. Three pairs of tiny shoes, a three layer cake, and three times the amount of confetti set the stage perfectly for three babies.

Make It Personal

These babies are a celebration of you and your partner, so find ways to make your announcement unique to you. Maybe you both work in the sciences- throw-back to your 5th Grade Science Fair and make gender reveal volcanos! Or maybe you’re big sports fans- have a home run derby with powder bomb baseballs. The more personal the experience, the more meaningful it will be to you and your family and friends.

From one Triplet Mom to another

No matter how you choose to let the world know about your triplets, revel in the joy the news of your growing family will bring. Even when the thought of three babies makes your head spin, laugh, cry, throw glitter all over the place; your life is about to change in every way imaginable, so get excited and enjoy the adventure!

About the Author

Emily Lindblad is Twin Love Concierge’s and Three Birds Family Education & Postpartum Care’s Postpartum Doula and Certified Newborn Care Specialist – providing perinatal support and education to Massachusetts families of multiples. Emily is also the mother of triplets and knows first-hand that welcoming multiple newborns can be a daunting task. By providing practical tools and assistance, Emily provides families with the skills and confidence needed to successfully transition to life with twins, triplets, or more. For more information on our Boston classes and services or to contact Emily, please email