We are so excited to introduce the next best thing for your child from the makers of the Twin Z Pillow we have come to know and love – the Sleep Zzz pillow. Designed for kids 3 years and over, the Sleep Zzz has been created for children to snuggle and promote better sleep. Our Twin Mom tester Joanna – Mom to  3 year old Twins plus older daughter Allanna, 6 years old – tried the pillow for us and fell in love.  We are also lucky enough to be GIVING ONE AWAY!!

Comfort & Security

The Sleep Zzz Pillow is in the form of an upside down U that hugs your child from the front, under their head to behind their back, allowing them to feel safe and secure from the warmth of an all-encompassing body pillow that they can hug for assurance.

My daughter has been using the Sleep Zzz for the last month, and I have seen a change in her sleep patterns. She is falling asleep quicker and more importantly, staying asleep in the night with less tossing and turning. She says it feels like mom or dad is right there with her.

Because it hugs her all around, she feels cozy and secure while sleeping. As parents we want to give them that sense of safety all the time, but at some point we have to sleep too, right? The fact that there is now a pillow that helps do that during nighttime is precious and priceless!

Soft and plush

The Sleep Zzz pillow is made of an incredibly soft material, 100% polyester, that feels like a stuffed animal is right near them to help them fall asleep.

Easy to clean

The Sleep Zzz has a removable cover that you are able to throw in the wash and easily put back with no fuss.

There are no zippers or snaps or Velcro, so there is no hesitation that it may harm or scratch your child. The opening to take out the cover is through a fold-over feature, which my daughter used as a secret pocket


This pillow comes in 5 different designs and you are able to embroider their name to make it even more special for each child!

This makes such a great gift from family, as birthday gifts or even as a gift to the transition to their big girl/boy beds!

Price $49.99 ($5.00 extra for embroidery)

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