As a mama to Triplets, one of the most common questions I get is “How did you feed all three babies at the same time?!” Mealtime can definitely be overwhelming and I hope that these tips we learned along the way are as helpful to you as they were to us.

Stay on Schedule

As first time parents the hubby and I had no idea what to expect when it came to meal time. We quickly learned how important staying on a schedule was not only for the babies, but for the family as a whole. Abiding by a schedule will allow you time to eat, sleep, shower, do laundry, prep for the next meal, etc. Not to mention when things get too hectic and time flies by you can easily remember meal time because you do it every 3 hours. As the babies begin to grow and have more awake time, the schedule will help transition your day.

Organization is Key 

If you are breastfeeding, designate a spot in the fridge for breast milk only. This way, you know to use the breast milk first before using formula. Placing the latest expressed milk behind the current bottles of breast milk will let others know exactly what milk is best to use. For formula fed babies, the easiest way to make the formula was to add the designated ounces of sterile water per bottle and screw a bottle cap to it. We found the bottle caps from the plastic breast milk bottles worked great!

I highly recommend designating one hour a day to clean, sterilize, and prep bottles. Doing this step allowed us to have sterile water ready to be made in to formula for days because we owned over 100 bottles! Yes, over 100!

Labels are your friend

I am sure you are thinking “What?! This is just an extra unnecessary step!” NOPE! This is a huge time saver, even more so if you will have helpers. Labeling will make it easy to identify who had 4 oz of milk vs who had 3 oz. You will also cut down on helpers asking where things are located because the drawers, cupboards, bottles are labeled.

For the babies, we color coded their bottles. This comes in handy specially when children are put on different formulas. Your goal is to make feeding time as fool proof as possible, or as we said here at home “as sleep proof as possible”.

Logging feeds

And now you are definitely thinking “No way!” Taking notes will help you identify their caloric intake as well as make you aware of any changes in appetite. They also come in handy at well ness check ups. I was thankful to have my log when the pediatrician asked us how much milk the babies were eating. Mostly though, this was a time saver for night feeds. If parents alternate during night feeds, seeing what each baby ate eliminates the need to wake the sleeping parent.

Don’t forget about you!

If mealtime challenges are growing due to breast milk production/concerns, I highly recommend you seek help from a Lactation Consultant. Our wonderful in house Lactation Consultant is available for group classes as well as private consultations.

Wishing you a wonderful and smoother mealtime and watch below as I discuss all over the above and more!

About the Author: Jessica Bodnar, TLC’s Pre & Postpartum Triplets Associate, is originally from Mexico and has lived in Houston most of her life. She is a mother of triplets (1 girl and 2 fraternal boys). You can connect with Jess via for information on our Triplet services.

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