Paced Feeding Method…. have you heard this term being discussed and wondered what it means or how to do it? Maybe this is your first time to hear about this? Watch this video to learn from the experts not only how this works, but also the benefits of implementing this style of feeding and why it may be in your best interest to incorporate this method for your babies.

Our Twin Love Concierge IBCLC and Registered Nurse Lorna Donnelly breaks it down in very easy steps, so that you can have a successful journey to bottle-feeding your Twins!

Paced Feeding Explained


About the Author

Lorna Donnelly RN/IBCLC, TLC’s Pre & Postpartum Dallas Associate, born/raised in Texas and has resided in the Fort Worth area for 15 years. Proud mother of three amazing children who all enjoy being outdoors. After the birth of her daughter and having first-hand experience with breastfeeding she realized how passionate she was about empowering mothers to breastfeed and helping to be a source of support along that journey. It was then that she became an IBCLC and began working in the Lactation Department within local hospitals. After the birth of her twins, she dived into various online multiples groups because of her driving passion to be a source of encouragement to fellow moms of multiples. She joined TLC to fulfill her desire to educate, equip, and further empower moms of multiples in whatever way they need. You can reach Lorna at for more information on our Dallas services and our online Breastfeeding Twins Class details.