As all Moms with multiples know, life can be pretty chaotic, especially at mealtime, so when Lindsey Laurain (Twin Mom + 1) became fedup with the messiness and cleanup time dedicated to each meal she decided to create a solution. “Someone needs to create something kids can’t toss or throw at meals!”. With that the EZPZ happy mat was born and our resident TLC reviewer Mallory, Mom to Twin Boys 9months, tried them out at home.

Why We Chose to Review the EZPZ Happy Mat

Picture of EZPZ Happy Mat

Twin Love Concierge Twin Product Review of EZPZ Happy Mat

Feeding babies can be daunting, frustrating and downright scary — especially if the supplies you’re using fail you. Moms, and especially moms of multiples, know that getting your baby to eat can be hard enough without having to worry about things like bowls breaking. So how to avoid that dreaded third meal for the dog when baby decides throwing their plate is a game? Enter the EZPZ happy mat!

What We Thought About the EZPZ Happy Mat

I cannot say enough good things about this mat. It seems like magic, and it’s insane that something like this hasn’t come along sooner. All you do is plop the mat on your (clean) table, and it just stays there! The key is getting an air tight seal, but if your surface is flat and there’s nothing underneath it, viola! That mat is going NOWHERE.

There are three compartments for your different food groups so no worries about the mushy stuff making the crunchy stuff icky. Throw yogurt, cereal and some fruit all on there and no cross contamination. The compartments are deep enough for the liquid-like foods but shallow enough that baby doesn’t have a problem getting their little fingers in there to eat it.

Picture of Baby Using EZPZ Happy Mat

Twin Love Concierge Twin Product Review of EZPZ Happy Mat

The mat is super easy to clean, just a quick scrub with a sponge and you’re good to go or they can go in the dishwasher. Admittedly, I managed to spray myself with a good soak of water when the stream hit the inside corner of a compartment but user error on my part. It also folds in thirds so you can throw it in a bag for meals on the go.

Silicone is the perfect material — food safe, soft and simple to wipe down. The colors are cute too, and I was thrilled to receive a blue and green one to test as those are the boys ‘assigned’ colors! The only slight issue I had is that my table is round, so putting the rectangle-shaped mats on there for my boys so that all four corners were on surface made it a bit far away for their reach. This isn’t an issue for bigger kids but since mine are not quite 1, they had to stretch a bit to get to the further compartments.

Professional Opinion of the EZPZ Happy Mat

Picture of Babies Using EZPZ Happy Mat

Twin Love Concierge Twin Product Review of EZPZ Happy Mat

At TLC HQ we see a lot of feeding utensils and we honestly don’t think parents will be able to go back to using a regular bowl and plate once they try these. Why risk the mess? The EZPZ mat keeps that food in place (until they pick up the food and toss it but there’s nothing you can do about that) and makes cleanup a breeze. One less things Twin (and Triplet) moms have to worry about. The design looks like a smily face, and for good reason – Mom and Baby will be smiling if you use this game-changer in the feeding world.

In Latest news: EZPZ have just launched the Mini Mat which fits most highchairs and is perfect to travel with!

Ready to purchase? You can purchase the Ezpz happy mats, mini mats and more here and use code Supermom for 20% off your entire purchase. See below our video review!

Mallory’s Video Review of the EZPZ Happy Mat


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