Finding a Twin feeding pillow that will work for you and your babies can be an extremely daunting task. Twin Love Concierge’s top tips to choosing a Twin Feeding Pillow include:

1. Shape – pillow should have slightly elevated edges or an angled top so both babies are supported at all times whether feeding or not

2. Back support – so important for Moms that you are comfortable and that the latch can be fastened easily around your back without fuss

3. Materials – what’s on the inside is as important as what’s on the outside, look for nontoxic and chemical free stuffing. Your babies will spend a lot of time with their faces on this pillow so make sure you know what its made of

4. Feeding position – some pillows only support the football position so if you are looking to mix it up a little chose one that supports this

5. Multiuse – look for a pillow that can be used for breastfeeding and for bottle feeding so that your partner and family can help as well


The two brands we most recommend to Expecting Twin Moms are:

The Twin Z pillow – it has so many uses other than just be a breast-feeding support. Allows the babies to be propped up and fed, then is  a perfect support for tummy time.

My Double Brest Friend – this pillow has been a favourite of Moms for many years now. Compared to other twin nursing pillows, this one allows more flexible manoeuvrability.