“Pediatrician Approved and LOVED”

I was skeptical, initially, about the value of this class, given I trained in Pediatrics and wondered: what, really, is a non-physician going to tell me about having twins? Not because I was arrogant, but because my time is so limited….I simply wondered whether the class would be a value added activity. Boy, was I glad I went! I had simply NO idea what I was in for…and the class helped orient me to the various facets of not only having a child, but having 2 at once. Practical tips for gear were invaluable…things were answered in this class about twin carriers and bathing, for example, that 3 distinct store’s registry experts hadn’t adequately answered previously. A typical days’ schedule was reviewed, fill in sheets for feeding, bottle color coding, and some fundamentals of breast feeding were covered. What to bring to the hospital with you was covered. This is certainly something I never would have even considered. Additionally, many different products and opinions on same will be proffered to expectant parents during the registry/shopping process. This class helped to refine choices that, based on experience, are practical choices for twin parents. I would highly recommend this class. Anne.H

TLC came and provided a private class for myself, husband and my parents. I am over the moon happy we have them in our lives now! The advice provided was EXACTLY what we were looking for and they took into consideration our unique pregnancy situation. when making recommendations. I have already written an embarrassing number of followup questions and they not only quickly respond but also make me feel comfortable asking. My only wish was that we had found Shannon earlier. I cant recommend her services enough. Definitely go to TLC and not some of the other twin classes in NYC!! Kate.M

We are still reaping the benefits of this workshop! Shannon managed to distill what multiple twin books had taken hundreds of pages to get to. We left feeling empowered, less anxious, and with actual tools to figure out the myriad of next steps. Thank you Twin Love Concierge  – Justin.D

I am so thankful to have met with Shannon! I was put on bedrest very early on in my pregnancy and was unable to do any of the legwork to get ready – I felt way unprepared! Shannon was great – she was able to organize all of the to-dos, breaking down the important points, and offering guidance on how to get everything done. It was so valuable to have practical advice from someone who has not only been through it herself, talks regularly to other twin moms and understands the pros and cons of multiple ways of doing things. Local Manhattan insights were a huge plus as well. Highly recommend. ~Meghan L.J.

“Thank you Shannon”

5 Star – It was lovely meeting Shannon – it was like inviting a friend over to our house! My husband and I received some great tips and advice and felt more confident after going through our main concerns with her. Thank you Shannon, you are contributing to making our journey into the unknown that little bit less daunting! ~ Natalia P.

“Learnt everything we needed to know!”

If you are expecting twins I highly recommend Shannon O’Reilly-Fearn’s Twin Love Concierge Twins Workshop. My husband and I attended this weekend and learned a lot about the best baby gear for twins as well as scheduling feedings and sleep, etc. Shannon is very helpful and a mom of twins! ~ Amy H.

“You helped calm our nerves!”

Shannon, my husband and I are so glad we worked with you! You helped calm our nerves! Your guidance on all of the areas we needed help (gear, prepping for the hospital, day 1 at home, and more) is proving invaluable to us. I’m so glad I found you! ~ Maureen L.V.

“Now we feel prepared to bring home our babies”

My husband and I just took an amazing Bringing Home Babies class with Shannon and Dominique! It was 3 hours full of amazing tips on preparing for parenthood with twins, the birthing process, breastfeeding and more. My husband and I walked away feeling much more prepared. We are so grateful that Twin Love Concierge exists because taking a workshop that is designed for (and by) people who truly understand what it is like to raise twins is so important. A million thanks to Shannon and Dominique! – Marisa.K

“Passionate and Knowledgable”

I highly recommend Shannon when preparing for the birth of your multiples. She is passionate, knowledgeable and truly understands the needs of expectant parents. Her workshops truly cover all aspects of preparing for life with multiples. ~ Jen K.

“Now fully prepared for our baby boys”

My husband and I had an awesome experience in the “Expecting Twins” workshop. Shannon made us feel fully prepared for our two baby boys (due in late-June/early-July 2015). She was/is also extremely responsive by e-mail with any questions or concerns that I had. I highly recommend Twin Love Concierge to any expectant “twin” families. – Carla.F.

“Amazing advice”

I am not sure I would have survived my first year with twins without the support of Twin Love Concierge! Amazing advice leading up to the birth of my boys along with incredible support throughout their first year. A must for any twins mamma to be! ~Kate D.P.

“We are now connected with ongoing twin support”

This was a great workshop with tons of great information. We really enjoyed learning from Shannon and her openness and willingness to stay connected with ongoing support made it all the more wonderful. So glad we attended! – Sarah.W

“I’m so lucky!”

Last week I had a NYC consultation with Shannon, which I think was worth every minute and every cent spent in gold! Shannon, a mother of little twin girls herself, is extremely knowledgeable, kind, and genuinely passionate about helping mums-to-be of multiples (as she herself used to be) in confidently taking this equally rewarding and daunting journey. During our consultation, I learned a whole lot, all my questions were answered, all my concerns have dissipated, and I left so much wiser, and so much more relieved. In addition, Shannon also gave me a folder loaded with useful information, references and contacts. Ever since, she has been in touch with me online to promptly and patiently answer even more questions of mine. Shannon, I’m so lucky you’re part of my life and my journey now! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! ~ Riham Y.

“They truly cover everything!”

Thanks so much for the wonderful workshop this past Saturday. It was a tremendous help for me and my husband since these are our first. You truly seemed to cover everything…especially things we hadn’t considered like house prep before the babies come home. The workshop also gave us more confidence. We feel more prepared and less overwhelmed. My husband was very reassured to hear that twins are only 1.5x harder 😉 Look forward to sharing photos once the lil ones get here. Thanks again! -Kate C.M

“My husband and I are still pouring over the information you shared”

This morning, one very full week after your class, my husband and I are still pouring over the information you shared.  Thank you so much for taking the time to prepare we new parents — and parents of two at that! — for what is sure to be the adventure of our lives.  Safaris, space, deep water exploration… I don’t think any one of them have anything on being a parent to multiples.  Luckily we didn’t need NASA, James Cameron, or Elon Musk, we had you. Best to you and your family on your continued multiple journey!  -Kara & Kevin J.

“You got through so much content seamlessly”

Great job with the class last night! You got through so much content seamlessly. Very impressive. We left feeling a bit overwhelmed, but also crystal clear on what’s left to be done before the babes arrive! -Expecting Twins class 

“Your advice was invaluable”

Thanks so much for taking the time to talk with [us] last night!  Your advice was invaluable, and most of all it was great to just see that you are a sane person who has a life despite having triplets, so we know it’s possible to not assume that these triplets are going to turn us into crazy people! -Expecting Triplets private class

“Thank you for all the helpful information”

Just wanted to thank you for all the helpful information you gave us. Definitely a lot to take but we really enjoyed learning all the information you had to give us!!! -Expecting Twins class