When looking for a double umbrella stroller there are a few key components that we consider a must have for all parents of Twins; lightweight, small footprint and storage. The UPPAbaby G-link 2016, UPPA Baby’s first double umbrella stroller, is all those and more. It can accommodate older toddlers and also infants from birth which makes it all round a versatile choice for parents of multiples.

We have numerous parents ask us for recommendations on umbrella strollers so Kate our LA Associate breaks down for you the key elements to the stroller with a video review, with help from our friends at Right Start.


It weighs 24.5 lbs which is a lot lighter than most double strollers and incredibly easy to lift in and out of your trunk.


Again, a lot smaller than your typical double umbrella, 30 inches wide, which means more trunk space. It also takes up a lot less space in your home for those who don’t have a garage or ample storage space within the home. Also when its folded it can stay upright which is a huge plus when you are eating out or travelling.


This to us is key when you have twins. The G-link has ample storage underneath that allows you to put bought items in or a place to carry thing when you are out and about with your twins.


Not many umbrellas have a good size canopy blocking the sun from your babies faces. The UPPAbaby G-link has a great, extendable canopy that is also SPF+50, an essential when you live in the hotter regions of the USA.

High Handlebars

Having handles that are high enough so you don’t have to slouch when pushing the stroller makes it more comfortable for taller parents and much easier to maneuver on paved surfaces.

Adjustable Seats

Rarely in an umbrella do you have seats that adjust, it has a deep recline you can do with one hand. The G-Link seats and footrest can adjust for newborns right up to toddlers.


As important as a cup of coffee is to a twin parents so is a space to hold it. The cup holder allows you to have a drink on the go and still have your hands free to assist a twin if need be.

 Final Thoughts

We love this double umbrella, it is a great option alternative to a larger double stroller, especially for twin parents who live in urban environments. However it is in the expensive range for an umbrella stroller, currently retails for approx $499 in three colors, but if used from birth makes this the perfect solution for Twins 0-3+years.

 Video Review

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