Twin Love Concierge was one of the first to get their hands on the new 2017 Britax B Ready stroller and give it a test drive with Twins. Below our New York Associate Jen gives us her thoughts and let’s see if it would suit your family?

Putting together

Overall, I would say that putting the stroller together was not too difficult. The wheels click in easily as do the seats. I had a bit of trouble putting the protection covers on the back wheels- needed to use some “elbow grease” for that.


My kids happily went into their respective seats without any fuss. My little guy really enjoyed riding in the bottom seat- he had enough leg room and was comfortable. The Britax B Ready has decent storage, though you do lose some by putting in the second seat. The sun canopies give nice coverage to your little ones. I am told that there is a rain cover that can be purchased as well as a snack tray.


Living in the city, I look for a stroller that is light, easy to maneuver and handles bumps well. The Britax B Ready stroller did all of that. Additionally, the handlebars are adjustable for your comfort and the break works well with just the tap of your foot (when the break is on, a red line appears. The green line means the break is off).

What I Would Change

The one area that I think could be improved upon with the Britax B Ready is it’s ability or inability to fold up small. I tried to put it in the trunk of a taxi while folded and it didn’t fit. I was told that if I removed the bottom seat it would fold up smaller but when you have two toddlers with you on a busy city street you don’t have the luxury of pulling out seats from a stroller to fold it up.

Home storage is another concern of mine. If you have a suburban home then you should be fine but for those of us living in apartments, having a stroller that can’t fit into the closet is a problem.

Video Review