Twin Love Concierge’s Surviving and thriving the first year with Twins online class via Skype will help parents prepare for the next stage of the babies lives. From introducing solids, nutrition education and what is best for baby in their first foods through to implementing good eating and feeding practices that will aid with their palate for years to come.

We will also arm you with coping techniques for when those pearly whites coming in, what to expect and look for in milestones with your babies and how to keep them safe in all environments. When your Twins move from the newborn to infant stage, it is essential to know what comes next when it comes to these key areas of solids, teething, milestones and how to keep them safe!

Twin Love Concierge’s expertise has been recognized by Obstetricians, GPs, Midwives and High Risk Medical Practitioners all over the world. We provide expertise to parents of Twins or Triplets and allow peace of mind to relax and continue to focus on the children. Our renowned Miami Associate is certified from the prestigious International Maternity and Parenting Institute and becomes your mentor for the Twin journey. Having assisted over 3,000 parents of Twins worldwide, our services are renowned with countless testimonials from parents.

Topics Covered


When are babies ready?
Allergy Awareness
Fresh Food at home
Why Organic?
Baby Led Weaning 101
Best cooking practices, methods and tools
Simple, easy recipes to start babies off
Best times of day to start and tips on how to be successful in their first feeding
Food Storage and Warming


When do they start teething and what to look for?
Common symptoms and signs to expect
Best Teething Remedies to help ease discomfort


Correctly identifying milestones
Guideline of what they should be doing by their 1st month, by their 3rd month, by their 7th month and by their 1st birthday


Everything in home, car, sleep, nursery, kitchen
Preventing falls, poison ingestion and burns


Tips on how to transition babies out of Swaddles gradually
Best age to Sleep Training and when & how to start
Moving away from bottles and introducing the Sippy Cups
How to comfort without a bottle
Dropping Pacifiers easily and effectively


 All our class attendees have access to our TLC consultants post-class, we are here to answer questions, offer support 24/7. Fellow parents are also added to the Twin Love Parents closed Facebook group so they can stay in touch after the class.

Parent Pack

Everyone is emailed a TLC Twin Transitions Pack which includes Baby Led weaning how to, recipes, best cooking practices, tips for best feeding, foods tried chart, milestone chart, Feeding Gear Must Haves, the latest multiples discounts, and much more.

Class Size

TLC online classes are limited to 10 families only as it is created for an environment of sharing. We guarantee to answer all your concerns and you will leave feeling confident, armed with everything you need for a smooth infant to toddler journey.

Register Now

Saturday May 27th 12-2:30pm EST USA

Saturday July 8th 12-2:30pm EST USA

Saturday August 19th 12-2.30pm EST USA

Saturday September 30th 12-2.30pm EST USA

Saturday November 4th 12-2.30pm EST USA

Saturday December 16th 12-2.30pm EST USA

Live class held through Skype (must have access to microphone and camera)

Class cost is $70 per family and we encourage all parents, grandparents, siblings and/or family members who will be assisting with the Twins to attend.

Can’t make the class? Email us at – private classes available starting at $140.