Designed as Part 2 to our renowned LA Expecting Twins Class – surviving and thriving the First Year with Twins is a 2.5 hour class covering all the next stage education you need once the Twins have arrived. Having two babies at home can be daunting. Knowing how to soothe, introduce solids, when to expect milestones and how to transition correctly is a mind field of information for the first year. This class is designed to provide you all the techniques necessary for the first year with Twins and help you recognise these important stages for each child with appropriate reactions. Importantly we also discuss maintaining healthy relationships including partners, family and hired help.

Twin Love Concierge’s expertise has been recognised by Obstetricians, GPs, Midwives and High Risk Medical Practitioners all over the world. We provide expertise to parents of Twins or Triplets and allow peace of mind to relax and continue to focus on the children. Our renowned LA Associate becomes your mentor for the Twin journey. Having assisted over 3,000 parents of Twins, our services are renowned with countless testimonials from parents.

Topics Covered

Soothing Methods including Harvey Karp’s 5 s’s
Baby-wearing options with two
Introduction to sleep training – when, where and how
Growth spurts and milestones – identifying and responding
Introduction to solids – purees & baby led weaning
Identical vs Non-identical development
Hiring a Nanny/Choosing a Nursery
Healthy Marriage and Relationships
Twin Troubleshooting – 0-12months
Q&A time


 All our class attendees have access to our TLC Associates post-class, we are here to answer questions, offer support 24/7. Fellow parents are also added to the Twin Love Parents closed Facebook group so they can stay in touch after the class. We welcome all families – surrogate, adoption, same-sex and single mums/dads.

Parent Pack & Goody Bag

Everyone also leaves with a Goody Bag and a TLC new Parent pack which includes a baby led weaning guide, puree recipes, best cooking practices, foods tried chart, milestone chart, feeding gear must haves, Daily Twin Schedule, Sleep schedule guides, Nanny hiring checklist and much more.

Class Size

TLC classes are limited to 8 couples only as the class is personalised and geared towards creating an environment of sharing. We guarantee to answer all your concerns and you will leave feeling confident, armed with everything you need for a smooth twin journey.

Register Now

Saturday, October 21st, 2017 @ The Pump Station Santa Monica (please note all signups go through Pump Station directly)

Saturday, December 2nd, 2017 @ The Pump Station Santa Monica (please note all signups go through Pump Station directly)