You’re having twins! Two babies at once! Finding out you were pregnant was one thing, but now that you know they are twins, you may be feeling overwhelmed and unsure of where to start, especially when it comes to the nursery. No longer planning a nursery for just one boy or one girl, now you are planning it for two babies to share. What’s more, you don’t have a lot of time, since many twins end up arriving before the traditional 36-38 week gestation period. Now is the time to set up two cribs and a changing table with double the amount of newborn diapers. But as you’re getting the nursery decorated, how do you select a theme?

Whether you’re having two boys, two girls or one of each, here are some key tips from our friends at Baby Super Mall for selecting a gender-neutral nursery theme that works for everybody.

Pick a neutral color scheme

It’s as true for landlords as it is for parents: neutral paint colors are always safe. If you’re having a tough time committing to a bold color scheme for the babies’ room, consider going soft and neutral with white, tan, brown or light gray walls. These colors not only work for boys or girls, but they also look great with a wide range of baby furniture and accessories. Start with the walls and the baby furniture, and let the neutral theme naturally outflow into accessories.

Embrace a twin theme

Another option is to embrace the duo that your babies are with a theme that celebrates two — “twin themes might include: Thing 1 and Thing 2 from Dr. Seuss’ The Cat in the Hat, Noah’s Ark (the animals — and the babies — came two by two), Alice in Wonderland (Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum),“ for example, says Pamela Prindle Fierro, Twins & Multiples Expert at About Health. With this option, you get to take advantage of your babies’ twin status rather than work around it, and it starts your children’s lives with a statement of how they’re special.

Find online inspiration

The Internet is filled with pictures of beautiful twin nurseries — in a plethora of colors, styles, themes and so on. Use them! Browse through images to find something you like, and use that as a pattern for your babies’ space. Sometimes just having an image in your head makes the entire decorating process simpler.

Split the room

You have two babies in your one womb, so why not have two nursery themes in your one nursery? Set up a crib on either side of the room and decorate each side for each baby’s space. Whether that means a pink princess theme on the left for your baby girl and a baby blue theme or something else on the right for your little guy, this is an option that lets you give each baby his or her nursery space.

When you get down to it, decorating a nursery for twins is pretty similar to decorating a nursery for a single baby — it just requires a little extra thought in order to make sure both babies have a special space. So whether you split the nursery, embrace a twin theme, go neutral or find an idea online you want to mimic, have fun. You only prepare your babies’ nursery once, so enjoy it.

Author Bio: Emma Valle is the customer service manager at, a leading online retailer of baby and kids’ products. Baby SuperMall hosts a wide selection of gender-neutral toddler bedding and decorations including cribs and furniture.


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