The Parenting Concierge’s expertise has been recognised by Parents, Medical Practitioners and Specialists all over the world. We provide expertise to expecting and new parents when preparing for all stages of the journey with children. Our renowned Associate is certified from the prestigious International Maternity and Parenting Institute and has been teaching antenatal and postnatal classes to parents for over 4 years.

This is the one class that will help you feel excited and not overwhelmed for going back to work. Our Associate is a parenting expert and becomes your mentor for the work journey and beyond. Having helped over 3,000 families our services are renowned worldwide!

Topics Covered

Mindful Mummy- techniques to refocus, calm emotions, get your through the day effectively

It’s a partnership – working with Daddy/Partners/Family to maintain an effective relationship

Choosing Childcare – where to start, options, resources, what’s best for you and your family

Sleep and Scheduling – tools for baby and Mama

Breastfeeding – how to make it work, techniques to maintain supply, Mama’s rights to breastfeed in the workplace

Work/Life balance – realistic goals and expectations, organisation and planning ahead

Troubleshooting – sickness, sleep regressions, growth spurts, teething – what to expect and how to cope with work

Support and Friendships

 All our class attendees have access to our Associates post-class, we are here to answer questions, offer support 24/7. Fellow parents are also added to The Parenting Concierge closed Facebook group so they can stay in touch after the class.

Parent Pack

Everyone also leaves with a Back to Work Parent Pack which includes Scheduling guidelines, Nappy bag checklist, Sleep schedule guides, Nanny hiring checklist and much more.


Please email to book a private session or join an upcoming group class