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You may have come to our website through your Obstetricians office, Delivery Hospital, a fellow parent of Multiples or found us through recommendations on leading parenting resources, so firstly CONGRATULATIONS! Twins are a true blessing, you can do it and we are here to support you every step of the way.

With the prestigious International Maternity and Parenting Institute certification, we remain the ONLY specialised group of Ob/GYN’s, Labor & Delivery RN’s, Midwives, IBCLC’s & Lactation Consultants, Social Workers, CPR/First Aid & Carseat Certified Teachers, Doula’s, Sleep Consultants, Baby Planners and more worldwide. Most importantly each staff member is a Mother to Multiples – both twins and triplets. We are also the first point of call for Celebrities expecting Twins, if you follow our social media you can see a few familiar faces on there with testimonials.

As a Team of Twin & Triplet experts we are seen as outstanding leaders in the multiples community and this unique expertise is brought together into Twin Love Concierge – a consultancy created to give multiples parents the personalised support and T.L.C they deserve.

Our classes and services extend all around the world including the USA, UK and Europe. Where we don’t have an Associate in person we reach parents via skype consultations and webinars. It is such a privilege to be part of this amazing Multiples community so please don’t hesitate to get in contact so we can help you be excited and not overwhelmed!


International Maternity and Parenting Institute (IMPI-CBP)

President, Central London Twins Group

Twin Love Concierge Team Members


Kylie Galfione MD

Kylie Galfione MD

Kylie Galfione – MD. TLC’s Associate for the Houston area is a proud mother to three beautiful girls – her eldest a singleton, followed by fraternal twin girls two years later. Kylie is also a part time practicing obstetrician/gynecologist. As an ob/gyn, Kylie has always enjoyed educating and counseling women on prenatal issues as well as giving post-partum, and specifically breastfeeding, support. However, after becoming a mother herself, and particularly after becoming a mother to twins, Kylie realized her desire to provide care and support extended beyond just the medical realm. She joined TLC in order to provide that additional support. Kylie is available for advice and counseling regarding prepartum preparations, including house/nursery/life organization, and purchasing of appropriate gear, as well as addressing postpartum issues, breastfeeding and adjusting to life with multiples, including establishing schedules and routines, sleep training and general early childhood care. Most importantly, she enjoys helping women become happy and successful mothers. You can contact Kylie at for more information on our Houston services.

Georgina Kelly

Georgina Kelly – RM. TLC’s London Associate is a registered midwife currently working in the NHS. Georgina is also the proud mother of non-identical twin girls. Before becoming a mother Georgina had a keen interest in antenatal and postnatal education working with women and families in the community to prepare for the birth and the journey of parenthood as well as supporting them during those first precious weeks as a new family. She then moved to her current position working on a busy high risk labour ward. Whilst being pregnant with her twins Georgina realised there was a need for specialised education and support for families expecting multiples to help them prepare but also deal with the everyday challenges that she experienced as a new twin mum. Her passion is to guide parents to meet the unique demands and more importantly help them to enjoy the fascinating journey that is parenting multiples. You can contact Georgina at for more information on our London services.


Twin Love Concierge Dallas Expecting Twins Classes - Dallas

Lorna Donnelly

Lorna Donnelly – RN,IBCLC. TLC’s Dallas Associate, born/raised in Texas and has resided in the Fort Worth area for 15 years. Proud mother of three amazing children who all enjoy being outdoors. Her daughter, the oldest, is an insect loving little girl followed three years later by very active fraternal twin boys. Lorna attended Texas Christian University where she received her Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing. She then began working in local hospitals as a RN providing postpartum care to both mom’s and babies and later worked in the newborn nursery. After the birth of her daughter and having first-hand experience with breastfeeding she realized how passionate she was about empowering mothers to breastfeed and helping to be a source of support along that journey. It was then that she became an IBCLC and began working in the Lactation Department within local hospitals.  After the birth of her twins, she dived into various online multiples groups because of her driving passion to be a source of encouragement to fellow moms of multiples. She joined TLC to fulfill her desire to educate, equip, and further empower moms of multiples in whatever way they need. You can reach Lorna at for more information on our Dallas services and our online Breastfeeding Twins Class details.

Katlin McFerrin

Katlin McFerrin – BSN. TLC’s Dallas associate, is a mom of three little girls, seven and two (twins),  residing in Plano, TX a suburb of Dallas.  Her husband’s only male companion in their house is a fish named Sushi. Katlin graduated with her BSN, in her home town, at East Tennessee State University. She is a neonatal and postpartum nurse with education in lactation who has a passion for teaching. Katlin works PRN on the floor and teaches baby care and infant CPR to expecting first time parents once a month. When Katlin found out she was expecting twins she was already twelve weeks along her 37 week journey. In true form she did as much educated research as possible to prepare her for life with twins. One thing she found difficult was finding a class geared towards moms of multiples. She is very excited to take on the Dallas area and help new moms of multiples with their journey. You can reach Katlin at for more details on our Dallas services.


Jacquelyn Ingram

Jacquelyn Ingram – CM,IBCLC. TLC’s LA Lactation Associate is a California licensed midwife, IBCLC, and mother to boy/girl twins. Her passion is global health, and travels internationally as a midwife volunteer and educator. She is from Homer, Alaska and currently developing an Alaska native birth companion program, with goal to provide labor support to women who must travel out of their community for their birth. Jacquelyn is excited to join the TLC team, and looks forward to meeting parents of multiples in upcoming breastfeeding twins classes. Please contact Jac at for more information about our Lactation classes services in Los Angeles and surrounds.


Allison Merriman

Allison Merriman – MA. TLC’s San Francisco Associate, is a licensed Literacy Specialist as well as mother to 3.5 year old Evelyn and 1.5 year old twins, Abby and Jack. Her passion has always been working to support young children, beginning as a camp counselor and nanny (to identical twin boys!) and continuing on to become an elementary school teacher and Literacy Specialist, coaching parents and educators on how to best teach children to develop a love for reading, writing and language. Upon finding out that she would be having twins, Alli, always a planner, felt nervous about having no idea what to expect. Luckily, she was able to connect with and get advice from other moms of multiples through an online group as well as her local Parents of Multiples chapter. She quickly became involved with her local group, mentoring new parents through their “Angel Mom” program as well as by becoming the group’s Playgroup Coordinator. Working as TLC’s Associate for the San Francisco Bay Area seemed like a natural next step and a great way to share her experiences with expecting and current parents of multiples. Please contact Alli at for more information about our services in San Francisco.


Lauren Lappen

Lauren Lappen

Lauren Lappen – MA. TLC’s Online Associate, is the proud mother of an older daughter Ellie and fraternal twin girls Kira and Rebecca. Lauren is a graduate from Washington University in St. Louis with a B.A. in Psychology and Educational Studies, and has an MBA from Babson College. She is also an ICF certified Coach through Fielding Graduate University and always had a desire to use her coaching to help expecting and parents of young children. Lauren’s passion is transforming the lives of parents where their Twins sleep needs help. You can reach Lauren at for more information on our online Twins & Sleep class.


Kate DiRienzo-Payne

Kate DiRienzo-Payne

Kate DiRienzo-Payne. TLC’s LA Associate, has lived in Los Angeles for over 12 years. Living so far from her family in Boston meant she and her husband were going to be traveling the road to twins without the close-by support of their families. Kate set out on learning everything there is to know about twins – classes, pregnancy books, testing products to speaking with other twin moms for advice. Along with raising two happy, healthy, adventurous twin boys, she is focused on helping other twin moms in the Los Angeles area giving each other the personalised support they need. You can also follow her journey at Please contact for more information on our LA services.


Twin Love Concierge Expecting Twins

Joanna Navarrete

Joanna Navarrete – CPRC,IMPI-CBP. TLC’s Miami Associate and mother to three beautiful children – one girl and a set of fraternal boy/girl twins. Born in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, has lived in Miami for more than 17 years and is bilingual English/Spanish and a graduate from the prestigious International Maternity and Parenting Institute alongside being CPR certified. Joanna is experienced in both retail maternity and baby gear and has featured on the infamous UnNuevo Dia con Adamari Lopez as their resident ‘twin expert’. She embraced motherhood by instilling herself in every newborn facet she could find. Between classes, books, blogs and mommy groups participation she developed a broader sense, which helped her with not only her own family, but others that asked for multiples support. Vetting a passion on all types of baby gear, from strollers to pacifiers, she immersed herself in finding practical, fashionable and functionality. Alongside being an active leader in the Florida multiples groups, Joanna also is a key member of hispanic multiples communities offering an online class in Spanish once a month. You can contact Joanna at for more information on our Miami and Hispanic services.


Alison Dobbins

Alison Dobbins

Alison Dobbins, TLC’s Philly and New Jersey Associate, is a lifelong resident of the Philadelphia Area and the proud mother of identical twin girls and newborn daughter. Twin pregnancy took Alison by surprise and she was thrilled to find the support of her local Mothers of Multiples club. She credits the advice and example of the experienced members for her own ability to handle the challenges of twin motherhood – and the ability to enjoy the awesomeness that is being a twin mom! As her twins got older, Alison realized how much she enjoyed helping new moms of multiples in their own journeys. She felt lucky to be able to provide the same level of advice and support she had been so grateful to receive. No one understands quite like another mom of multiples! She’s held several leadership positions in her local Mothers of Multiples group and is looking forward to helping moms of multiples throughout the tri-state area. You can reach Alison at for more information on our Philadelphia area services.


South Carolina Expecting Twins Classes

Lindsay Castiglione

Lindsay Castiglione – LC, TLC’s Connecticut Associate, is the mother of two sets of twins, an identical five year old boy set, and a three year old boy/girl set. She was born and raised in Cape Cod, MA, and married a Submariner in the U.S. Navy, so now home is where the Navy takes them. She has her B.S. in Social Work, and focused on helping support parents of young children before starting her own family. Lindsay’s twin pregnancies were as different as night and day; Her older boys had complications requiring delivery at 30 weeks with a 7 week NICU stay, but her younger set had no complications and were born healthy as can be at 38 weeks. Breastfeeding was very different for each set, but equally as important, and her varied experiences motivated her to become a Certified Lactation Counselor in 2015. You can contact her at for more information on our Connecticut services.


Kate Dugan

Kate Dugan, MBA – TLC’s New York City Associate, originally hails from Maryland, but has been a Manhattan resident for the last 7 years, which she figures almost makes her a “real New Yorker”. Kate is the proud mother of fraternal boy / girl twins. After her twins were born in 2014 and as she tried to juggle a demanding strategy consulting career with motherhood, Kate soon realized that she had a lot to learn about parenting multiples! She dove head first into twin parenting groups online and made use of the many resources available to her via the internet to learn as much as she possibly could about parenting multiples. Kate became an Associate for TLC because she is passionate about enabling expectant parents of twins to enter into multiple parenthood prepared and equipped so that they can both handle the unique demands and enjoy the fascinating journey that is parenting multiples. Seven months after giving birth to her twins, Kate ran the New York City marathon, which had been a dream of hers for several years prior. She jokes that the sleep deprivation of early days with twins gave her the mental toughness she needed to make it through. In 2016, when her twins were two, Kate completed her first Ironman triathlon. Kate is passionate about helping moms balance the demands of motherhood with a healthy and personally fulfilling lifestyle. You can reach Kate at for more information on our New York City services.

Twin Love Concierge Denver Cristy Hamilton

Cristy Hamilton

Cristy Hamilton – RN, MSN, FNP-C. TLC’s Denver Associate, has fraternal twin boys named Liam and Tyler and grew up in Colorado most of her life. Cristy enjoys working part time in a fulfilling career as a family nurse practitioner in a clinic setting. She received both her bachelors and masters degrees in nursing from the University of Colorado and holds a board certification by the AANP. Cristy has always had a calling to help people. After joining her local twins club and surviving the first year of twins, she started working with the new twin moms and loves helping them find their way through this amazing experience. You can reach Cristy at for more information on our Denver services.



Emily Lindblad

Emily Lindblad NCS,PD – TLC’s Triplet and Boston Associate, is a trained Postpartum Doula and certified Newborn Care Specialist providing perinatal support and education to Massachusetts families of multiples. Emily is also the mother of Triplets and knows first-hand that welcoming multiple newborns can be a daunting task. By providing practical tools and assistance, Emily provides families with the skills and confidence needed to successfully transition to life with twins, triplets, or more. For more information on our Boston classes or to contact Emily, please email her at


South Carolina Expecting Twins Classes

Jessica Sprankle

Jessica Sprankle – TLC’s South Carolina Associate, is the mother of 4 year old boy/girl twins. The news of being pregnant with twins took Jessica and her husband by surprise as they learned about this in the middle of a cross country move. After reading all of the books and doing all of the Google searches she could do, she thought she was prepared for the journey ahead, but quickly realized there is always more to learn. Jessica’s lack of support during her pregnancy and at the beginning of her twins’ lives has lead to her strong desire to want to help others to be informed of what to expect as well as provide resources for support. After recently moving back to her hometown of Charleston, SC and getting involved with the start up of a local multiples group, she is committed to sharing her experiences and advice to help ensure expecting parents have all the tools for a smooth transition into the joys of multiples parenting. You can reach Jess at for more details on our Charleston services.

Adrienne Hutchinson

Adrienne Hutchinson – TLC’s Seattle associate, is a mom to 3-year-old boy/girl twins, a 6.5 year old daughter, and a 9 year old son.  She knows first-hand how to balance the life with kids of different ages. Before kids she earned her degree in early childhood education and taught in elementary school for 10 years.  Adrienne is also passionate about exercise and has been steadily working with other moms groups to build a stronger mind and body. She recently ran her first half marathon and competed in a 200 mile relay race. Adrienne is part of the largest multiples group in Seattle and is familiar with using various resources to help navigate and survive the daily life of twins.  You can reach Adrienne at for more details on our Seattle services.



Shari Crandall

Shari Crandall – TLC’s Westchester Associate, is the mother of fraternal girl/boy twins. As a member of the Lower Westchester Moms of Multiples Club, Shari coordinated trainings, speaking engagements, and reading groups to support parents as they transitioned into the world of multiples. As a TLC Associate she continues to be passionate about helping expecting parents anticipate all the ways their lives will change once their babies arrive and how to negotiate all the decisions that parents of multiples make before, or shortly after, the babies arrive (what gear, how much gear, to breastfeed or not, if and when to go back to work, etc.). Shari was as stay-at-home parent until her twins were 3, when she returned to work full-time. She now has 3 years of experience balancing a career as a working parent. Shari has experienced various health and developmental issues with both children, from an infant who would not latch or sleep, to a toddler with sensory issues and aggressive behaviors, to delayed fine and large motor skills. Thus, Shari learned to navigate the State funded Early Intervention Program, which provides services to infants and young children with developmental delays. All of this helped Shari become a compassionate, loving and patient parent and she is excited to shares her experience with new parents in the Westchester area. You can contact her at for more information on our Westchester services.

Jessica Bodnar

Jessica Bodnar – TLC’s Houston associate, is a Houston native and proud mama of triplets, 2 boys and 1 girl. She spent close to 4 months on bed rest during her pregnancy which showed her how important “the village” truly is. She is an active member of the community, loves sharing ideas and tips for making mom life easier.   You can reach Jessica at for more details on our Houston services.